Oh, those lesbitarians …

Always taking over with their wholegrain, crunchy goodness and all those eggplants!

Actually, I'm really starting to dig vegetarian food when it is cooked by Jessica at Hoi Polloi.  Or Ledcat.  Or anyone but me.  But still … does everything have to be vegetarian? What next — recycling bins at Wendys?

I regret to say that Lesbian Night at Dozen Bakeshop has morphed into Lesbitarian Night, complete with vegetarian chili (note to anyone reading this — I hate chili more than anything in the world.  Except snakes.  And pickles).   I almost wept to realize that rather than a simple free cupcake, I would have to fork over $10 for a vegetarian meal.  Even if it does include a red velvet cupcake. 

On a Tuesday. 

Sigh.  I mean I can see the cute word play and vegetarianism is much healtheir and it really isn't cool to say LesbiFleshEaters.  Still … cupcakes!  That's part of the lesbian nation, too.  Coffee and a cupcake.  That's all I wanted. 

Plus, the Dozen people aren't even sending me their promotional materials after I hooked them up with Ehrrin and her dyke salute.  No little press releases about chili of the week.  Nothing.  I may not like the chili, but I like the lesbians part.

If Hoi Polloi starts offering cupcakes, I'm set.  Can I go back to the Priory Bakery now that Brenda Frazier lost her election?  All these rules confuse me.  I just want a cupcake!

And you know when I want one?  On Saturday nights when we go out to dinner and have some time to kill.  But it is hard to find a cupcake on a Saturday night that is not encased in cellophane. 

Now I'm going to want one all day tomorrow.  Not a lot of cupcakes in East Liberty.  I'm afraid of Paddy Cakes (why make the cake so fast, baker's man?  why would i want to share my cake with a baby who should not eat cake?) 

See, this is what happens … darn lesbitarians.  Lesbivores?  Sigh.  This is what happens when Jessica gets me to try tofu crumbles and kidney beans in the same evening.  The whole world goes topsy turvy. 


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  • Vanilla Pastry studio is moving from the West End to East Liberty (near Kelly's), so you may just be able to get your fix, and they are super tasty!

  • Were you at Lez night last night? If so, I am sorry to hear that you do not like the new route we are taking. We just decided on vegetarian style, because we are mainly a vegetarian place. We are in the works for planning next month, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, swing them my way! I will be glad to hear them! e-mail: jessica_a_fauver@yahoo.com I hate the thought that you feel cupcake deprived!

  • I had fun on lesbitarian night eventhough I'm one of those people who believes chili is not chili without meat–none the less I ate it and it was good! I met some new people and had a few giggles. I, on the other hand, was more disappointed in the fact that more lesbians didn't come out to play. You didn't have to buy the whole 10 dollar shabang I think… you could just have a cupcake, a cup of coffee and a good time. Sometimes I cry at night (not really but I could if I tried) when I think of the gay boys and all there little intermingling social circles–why do we have to be so “clicky” or stay-at-home dykes. I remember when I moved here it was so hard to find lesbians if you didn't know where they were hanging out and then when I found them, I felt like it was seventh grade all over again. Why are so many of us so closed to meeting new lesbians? 🙁 I don't hate you all, I love you–I would just like to get to know more of you.

  • Wow … who knew lesbitarianism would attract so many comments?!
    Thanks for the update on the cupcakes in EL. Yummy.
    Second Anonymous, I don't really know a lot about the social circles of gay men — are they really that overlappy?
    Pittsburgh is a very “our gang” kind of town, especially in the LGBT community. I've walked into many events and felt like crying when it became evident that new people were not welcome. And attended far too many potlucks where the hostess did not make much effort to make women feel comfortable. But there are many, many exceptions and lots of good fun to be had if you are persistent.

  • No, I was at a community meeting last night. Don't get me wrong … lesbitarian is a great marketing tool. And there are not enough vegetarian places in Pittsburgh. I would not have attended last night because I don't like chili and I'm always afraid with limited menus that I won't find something I like. But that's what happens with any outreach … you catch some and you miss some others.
    What happened to the lesbian salute and the cupcake discount? Did that not work?

  • Hey, gay guy here. I wouldn't presume to know anything about lesbian social circles, but it does seem that the guys intermingle a lot more. Could you guys try the Gay Guy Happy Hour model that's popular now? A group of guys got together and started scheduling happy hours on the second Friday of every month at a differnet venue around the city. First one was last June. It's grown to the point where between 250 – 300 guys show up at each one now. They started by sending e-mails out and collected a lot of addresses, now they have a website, and it's really taken off. We mass at straight bars around town (many are now non-smoking!) as well as some gay bars. But it's a good opportunity for the straight community to see our strength in numbers, and it's always a lot of fun.

  • Thanks for commenting, George. I don't think a Happy Hour would work in the lesbian community. I understand that 100+ women showed up for the L-Word party at the Firehouse Lounge so that's a start. But I would not go to a happy hour unless it was non-smoking (FHL was). Actually, I probably just wouldn't do happy hour in general unless I had a very strong reason to be there.
    I think we should keep on building diverse types of events so lesbians have choices. Inclusivity is an issue, but hopefully more activities will get women mixed up a bit.

  • I've admired the Gay Guy Happy Hour and thought we, ladies, should try it. As the founder of The L Word Party, I see the positives (and the possibilities!) of our gatherings in straight spaces. I've been looking for a new project to promote, and this might be it.
    I'm interested in why you WOULDN'T attend. More, what would be a “very strong reason”?

  • Victoria,
    I agree, I know the Guys of G2H2 and they get around 300-400 guys and go into a “straight establishment. They have told me this is a great thing for the business as well as the group, because it promotes unity. the bars want them to come back because of the money aspect, of course, but to me it is breaking down the barriers.
    I think women should be involved in something like this as well.

  • Good question, Victoria. I *would* go to a lot of different types of events … potlucks, coffeehouse meetings, lunches, etc. I would just personally not go to an event centered around alcohol. I have no problem with people drinking and do occasionally have a drink myself. But a Happy Hour just doesn't appeal to me. Put the same group of people in a different environment and I'd be interested.
    The L-Word sounded like fun. I just don't watch the show b/c we don't have cable.
    I'm personally more interested in intimate opportunities to get to know other people — events that spur conversation. I did bars when I was in my twenties and it just feels like something I've outgrown. I'd love to see potlucks revived but maybe hosted by some of the local LGBT owned establishments. Sort of a modern twist on a gay classic. Why not have a potluck at Hoi Polloi? Or put your energies into the existing Lesbian potluck at the GLCC?
    If you get a big ole lesbian happy hour circle going, good for you. Seriously.

  • it didn't really work. i feel that the more i plan an EVENT for people to attend, the more likely that they are TO attend. we may introduce something similar in the future. maybe a game night with free mini cupcakes… something like that. we love lesbians at dozen, and would like for it to be a place for them (and all people) to feel at home and comfortable. as far as my advertising and organization. yeah. i dropped the ball. business at the bakery is booming, i was getting ready to sell my house, and i did not have time. 🙂 however, the lovely Victoria from Whirl is ready to organize us in this regard. god bless her.

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