Obama addresses PA Marriage Amendment

Well, he finally has something to say about attempts to amend the PA Constitution.

If I were in the state legislature, I would oppose it, Obama said.

Obama's silence on the proposed amendment to the state's constitution has proven worrisome to local gay rights groups who have largely thrown their support behind Hillary Clinton and just two days before the primary he made his position clear.

“I'm not in favor of gay marriage but I certainly don't want to see a court suggesting that somehow we can't pass laws that say gays and lesbians aren't being discriminated against,” Obama said.

So he would oppose it.  Check.  But what do the rest of the words mean?  He doesn't want to see a court suggesting … isn't that the rhetoric of those in favor of the amendment who fear the courts overturning current legislations outlawing gay marriage?  Huh? 

This doesn't make any sense.  It sounds like more of the same chest-beating “I am Christian, hear me tolerate” crap.  It makes me almost long for a refreshing dose of Darryl Metcalfe's “I don't like gay people” mantra. 

Please, gay Obama supporters, tell me what this means for your family.  And mine.


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  • It means I will be voting for Hillary! This is one of the key reasons that she earned my vote. I don't trust Senator Obama one bit on issues that would help to legally define and protect my relationship.
    For this, there is only one candidate to support: Hillary Clinton!
    Otherwise, we are hanging our futures on “hope.” Hope won't provide me legal protection, family status, or equality. Hope on those scores equate to dreams. We need reality!

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