Local Lawyer Slams Queers

Hmm … what do we have here?  A local defense attorney plays the gay card to defend his pedophilia client.  A University of Pittsburgh Neurologist was nabbed in a sting and has been identified as a “preferential offender,” meaning he has a preferred type of victim.  It ain't pretty and makes him fairly dangerous if released.  His lawyer thinks house arrrest is appropriate:

Mr. Boas also said his client will undergo medical treatment in Pittsburgh and Virginia to control his sexual appetite for children. “If you're attracted to young children, it's like being gay,” he said. “There's nothing you can do about it.”

Talk about a back-handed compliment.  How exactly does it help your client to draw the oh-so-ridiculous link between pedophilia and homosexuality?  Who do you win over with that argument?  People who hate pedophiles, but like gay people?  Or the other way around? 

What else can I say about the stupidity of this statement? 






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