Local Lawyer Slams Queers

Hmm … what do we have here?  A local defense attorney plays the gay card to defend his pedophilia client.  A University of Pittsburgh Neurologist was nabbed in a sting and has been identified as a “preferential offender,” meaning he has a preferred type of victim.  It ain't pretty and makes him fairly dangerous if released.  His lawyer thinks house arrrest is appropriate:

Mr. Boas also said his client will undergo medical treatment in Pittsburgh and Virginia to control his sexual appetite for children. “If you're attracted to young children, it's like being gay,” he said. “There's nothing you can do about it.”

Talk about a back-handed compliment.  How exactly does it help your client to draw the oh-so-ridiculous link between pedophilia and homosexuality?  Who do you win over with that argument?  People who hate pedophiles, but like gay people?  Or the other way around? 

What else can I say about the stupidity of this statement? 






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  • Well, I think what he was saying was, “He was born that way, it's not his choice.” That is the position most gay people have these days about their sexual orientation (it's not a choice, it's not a lifestyle), and I think that is what most people think about pedophiles. I don't think he was drawing any “connection” between the two. He could also have included heterosexuals — they can't help it, they're just born that way.
    Interestingly, though, if he is RIGHT, how will “medical treatment” help someone who's born that way, and there's “nothing you can do about it?” Does he think similar medical treatment will also affect gays?

  • Except … he didn't compare it to heterosexuality, did he? And there is a filthy tradition of “comparing” homosexuality to pedophilia, bestiality and other sexual aberrations. So it is not the same thing. Even though his logic implies that it could be.
    I don't think this lawyer gives a hoot if medical treatment can help gays. Obama's campaign has that all sewn up.

  • “Obama's campaign has that all sewn up.” Okay, THAT I'm gonna need a link for, 'cause I'm not following you.
    Insensitive as it was given the history of anti-gay slurs, I still think it was a case of using “gay” and “pedophelia” in the same sentence; I don't think any meaningful connection was made that suggests one equals or correlates with the other.

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