I was blacklisted by the City Paper

It is completely true.  My innocent little email was rejected by the Steel City Media cyber guardians.  I just wanted to ask Chris Potter a question.  Rest assured, Potter was on it once I made the call.  And once it became apparent that someone in marketing couldn't email her boyfriend … well, he was on it a little bit.  He does have important columns to write and it has been awhile since he played the white-straight-guy privilege card so I'm gonna assume this was all just a big misunderstanding.

The important thing is that Gary and Beth are gone, right?  Right?

OK, onto other topics.  Letters to the editor.  The PG has been full of 'em — everyone has something to write about gay marriage.  Some of it is good, some of it is crap.  Most of it is poorly written, but filled with joie de vivre!

Interesting to me has been the dearth of letters in the Tribune Review.  What's up with that? Have the subscribers been so blindsided by Richie's meeting with Hillary Clinton that they've lost track of important gay-bashing goals?  I mean how are you supposed to oppress an entire group of citizens if your base isn't stepping up on the letter writing?  The next thing, we'll be distributing civil rights to Mexicans, Hondurans and <gasp> people who wear turbans but aren't Islamic.  What is this world coming to? 

I wrote a letter to the Post-Gazette, but I forgot to send it to myself so I'm not 100% sure what I wrote.  I know that I did praise Doug Shields and draw comparisons between Sally Kern and the gay marriage amendment stuff here in PA.  I thought it was topical and had a national contexty flair that has yet to come to light in the other “published” letters.  Whatever. 

Seriously, my letter.  It rocked. 

Slow day at lesbian central.  I didn't cry when I came home which is a first since Mona's demise.  I really appreciate when people offer their condolences, but it isn't fun when someone wants to know about the injection experience.  I would think my terse one-word answers would be a social cue that I don't want to talk about it.  Ledcat brought my tulips from a local flower store here on the Northside.  He has a dog and now she wants a small little dog.  I draw the line at a dog that could actually squeeze outside of the fence. 

See what lesbian marriage creates?  Tulips (patronizing local businesses), a clean load of dishes (cleanliness next to Godliness), Chinese take out (more local business and the family of Ming Na — hottie!), the one repeat of NCIS I missed this year (don't ask and I won't tell), and my secret hope that Ledcat will go ahead and replace the cat vomited sheets while I'm up here doing important blogging work. 

Q92.9. I listen.  I find the autotron female voice very amusing.  As well the lack of gay bashing phone calls being aired.  Ah, sweet.


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  • Just for the record, there was a period of a few hours on Monday where almost every single e-mail sent to us was rejected. Apparently, one of our spam-blockers went completely haywire and began rejecting every e-mail that came in. Took us a few hours to figure out what was going on and how to fix it. Even my mom couldn't get through to me … which she'll tell you has been a problem since adolescence, for reasons having little to do with spam-blocking.
    — potter

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