Clinton Talks, Obama Balks

This is from last week …

Apparently, Obama hadn't granted an interview to any local gay press – across the whole nation – in over four years.  Hence, his recent interview with The Advocate.  Which isn't the same thing at all.

I also learned that LGBT voters account for 3% of turnout in Pennsylvania. 


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  • Please post my thoughts to all Pennsylvanians.
    I watched NAFTA destroy our lives and our dreams.
    I watched foreign interests take over our mortgages.
    I watched Clinton give China most favored nation status and then poison our children with toys filled with lead.
    My grandfather fought to unionize our steel mills in pennsylvania. I remember his story of how the state police fired a tear gas canister into the picket line killing the man next to him. This occurred in Beaver Falls, PA at a steel mill known as Moltrup Steel. The building is still there to this day.
    After watching Clintons destroy the dreams than to hide behind she would change NAFTA, her chief strategist Pennn was demoted and not fired. Notice he was demoted. If she wins NAFTA will be extended to Columbia and all those union workers who support her will come to know the heartache my grandfather and his children dreams destroyed by asnother Clinton.
    Mike Martino
    Grandson of John B. Martino- the first Steel Union Organizer of America

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