Pittsburgh Gay Democrats Endorse Hillary Clinton

Steel City Stonewall Democrats have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.  (That link won't be good forever — Steel City doesn't archive their “news” very effectively.)  Interestingly, the group includes a list of LGBT issues that paint Clinton and Obama pretty much neck and neck. So how did Hillary come out ahead?  What is it about Hillary that swayed the Western PA gay? 

I don't believe for a minute that Obama will be good on gay issues.  Aligning himself with an avowed “ex-gay” to sway the Southern Baptist Belt voters does not bode well for homosexuals.  Now I'm also sure Hillary will throw us to the wolves if it becomes politically expedient (Hello, Barney Frank and ENDA — who are we kidding here?), however at least we'll have good health care.  And choice.  And a lack of obesiance to the religious wingnuts. 

I don't think I can survive another month of mulling the whole thing over.  Every time I hear someone talk about Obama and “hope,” I throw up a little in my mouth.  Someone this past weekend said to me that he doesn't trust anyone who talks like a preacher and I think that's accurate for me right now. 

But there's still a whole month.  I need to go lay down.


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