Lesbians MIA?

What a week.  I'm supposed to be on vacation.  So far, I've spent 8 hours in the ER with my grandma, 4 more hours in a skilled care facility (she's going to be fine).  I've had contractors zipping, sawing and hammering away for about 16 hours.  I spent 12 hours christening our new bathroom due to a very unpleasant encounter with a smoothie.  Then I spent another 16 hours asleep.  On top of the stuff we moved out from the room with the contractors.  I've spent at least 100 zillion hours on the telephone with various family member, the skilled care facility, home health care, the bank, and anyone else you can think of.  Literally, I'm on the cell phone and my home phone rings or vice versa.  I'm exhausted.  It is Wednesday.

I need to get back to work to get some rest. 


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