So a lesbian and a chief editor walk into a coffeehouse …

Tonight, Ledcat and I sipped coffee and ooh la la'd with none other than Ms. Monongahela, Ms. Chief Editor.  We reconnoitered at a local coffeehouse. I can't tell you which one because, you see, they have eyes everywhere.  Even in the vegan rice krispie treats (i missed the marshmallows). 

It is always a fun time to meet another blogger in person. We bonded over our mutual admiration for John McIntire, the man called Potter and mocha drinks.  We have almost worked out the kinks for the official Society secret greeting.  Personally, I'm of the opinion that a few kinks never hurt anyone's secret greeting, but I'm not sure Ms. Mon agrees.  I bet McIntire would agree.  Unforunately, he'll never know how it works itself out because of the whole secret part.  Sigh.  Why did I bring this up?  Pretend you never read this. 

I promised my therapist I wouldn't blog or even by on my computer after 9:00 PM and I have blown the promise  for three days in a row.  Now I'm spilling all the handshake beans.  This is what happens when you get all crazy and have a mocha in the middle of the week. 

So … someone tried to blow up Sweden with a dildo. 

The ACLU is defending Larry Craig's expectation of privacy.  Good for them.  People are so busy making jokes about “toe tappers” that they lose site of how invasive this whole sting operation was.  Is everything you do in a bathroom stall fit for police observation?

That's all I have tonight.  I'm tired from all the conversationing.  It is exhausting being scintillating. 

ps:  I am very excited that I made a story suggestion to the man called Potter and they might actually use it.  I won't ruin the surprise by identifying the topic, but it feels very gratifying that someone listens to your idea and thinks it is worth some resource investment.  i hope they assign someone cool to write the story because i will go around telling the entire free world it was my idea and only a cool person would endure that kind of behavior. 

pps: my 20th year high school reunion is coming up in June.  so far, there are only 2 homos in a class of 300+.  that's statistically improbable.  my truest and for sure oldest friend, Amy, whom I have known since the tender age of four is coming to Pgh and staying with us!  we even have a facebook group so i am really getting excited.  Ledcat is already sick of the nostalgia. 



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