One Teeny Update on Will of Council and State Marriage Amendment

As you recall from Tuesday, City Council voted 7-0 to support state legislation including “sexual orientation” and “gender identity/gender expression” into the classes protected under the PA Human Relations Act.  Motznik and Payne were out of the room during the vote, hence the 7.

My sources tell me that both Motznik and Payne co-sponsored this resolution, as did all of the other members of Council except Ricky Burgess.  Burgess did vote in favor of the legislation.  So, I am told, it is practically the same thing as a unanimous endorsement.

I guess. What do you think? 

I'm still waiting to hear what happened in Harrisburg with the marriage amendment.  You know that's one thing that really frustrates me — we get these “hurry, hurry, hurry” messages from the lobbying groups with very concrete deadlines by which we must take action.  Then, days and days go by with no follow-up, not even a simple acknowledgement.  In the information age, that's unacceptable.  We need better infrastructure.  There's no weekly, much less daily, gay media source in Western Pennsylvania.  Websites aren't being updated and voice mail boxes are full.  Email messages go unacknowledged. 

Here's what I would have liked on Wednesday.  A blast email:

Thanks for all of your email messages, letters and calls.  This week, we'll be visiting with your elected officials to discuss this important issue and carry your messages.  To keep up to date with the status of the legislation, visit our website at www …

That's long been a downside to local LGBT everything — communication does not filter from the top decision makers on down to the everyday homo. 

The good news is that Diane Gramley hasn't updated me, either. 


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  • Jimmy and Tonya … what sort of trouble were those two scamps getting into this time, I wonder.

  • I'm almost afraid to ask. After the 2006 statewide fiasco on the marriage amendment (I voted for it to vote against it), nothing Western PA Dems do with regard to gay politics is above suspicion. At least, all nine members of City Council went on the record, in some fashion, of supporting the expansion of the Human Relations Act. That's something.
    Kudos to Doug Shields for this one.

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