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Happy New Year.

Last night, we participated in the festivities on Penn Avenue at the First Night Celebration.  We had a really wonderful time:  dinner at Six Penn, an entertaining stroll up and down Penn and Liberty, two delightful comedy shows and the company of my best girl, Ledcat.  The Amish Monkeys were very cute, if a little uneven.  Gab Bonesso showed a wonderful, family-friendly side that was endearing, further confirming my impression that the title character in Juno could be played by Gab (minus the pregnancy bit).

In the spirit of a gentle New Year, I'll refrain from snarking about the absence of the Mayor, the horrific litter contrasted against the environmental theme of the parade and the literal parade of Yinzer stereotypes we encountered throughout the night.  Oops.

I'm not settled on my resolutions just yet, but I do have one in place.  I've blogged a bit about my girl Mona and the sad resurgence of her lymphoma.  I had an epiphany last night and realized that while I cannot capture her final months through any craftsmanship, I can blog about it.  So, she now has a blog, Miss Mona's Tails From the Backyard.  It is pure sentiment and purely for my own satisfaction.  I dread not only her looming death, but the horrible death of a lymphoma patient.  It is so hard to fathom that this vibrant, otherwise healthy dog will die soon.  I have no idea how I feel about it.  Hence, the blog. 

We are off to return some clothing and enjoy lunch.  I hope this New Year's Day brings you appreciation for the love that fills your life, human and otherwise. 


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  • Brilliant idea for Ms. Mona's blog. And very sorry for your loss.
    Would it be possible to write the Tales from the Yard from the doggie's perspective?

  • Miss Mona's perspective is a good idea. She used to have an advice column “Ask Miss Mona” back in the day. She also helped me to write a daily update when I fostered the boys and their five siblings during their puppyhood. Perhaps I can channel her on occasion. 🙂

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