Legislative Push to Expand LGBT Protections in Employment, Housing and Public Accomodations

The week of January 28 through February 3 is a call to action day per Equality Advocates

On January 28 – February 3, 2008, join activists across the state in pushing for the successful passage of non-discrimination legislation in Pennsylvania!

With the largest number of co-sponsors ever for pro-LGBT legislation in Pennsylvania, House Bill 1400 would protect all LGBT people from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accomodations.

We need you to call or visit your State Representative and ask them to support House Bill 1400! Without your efforts we will not be able to pass this important piece of legislation.

Here's a list of current cosponsors of the legislation.

Bennington, Beyer, Biancucci, Bishop, Blackwell, Brennan, Buxton, Caltagirone, Carroll, Cohen, Costa, Cruz, Curry, Daley, DePasquale, Dermody, DeWeese, Donatucci, Eachus, D.Evans, Fabrizio, Frankel, Freeman, George, Gerber, Gergely, Harkins, Helm, Hornaman, James, Josephs, Kessler, King, Kirkland, Leach, Lentz, Levdansky, Mahoney, Manderino, Mann, McCall, McGeehan, McIlvaine Smith, Melio, Mundy, Myers, Nickol, M. O'Brien, Oliver, Parker, Pashinski, Payton, Petrone, Preston, Readshaw, Roebuck, Ross, Sabatina, Samuelson, Santoni, Saylor, Shapiro, Siptroth, Steil, Sturla, R. Taylor, Thomas, Vitali, Wagner, Walko, Wansacz, Waters, Wheatley, Williams, and Youngblood

Equality Advocates are urging us gay folks and our allies to contact our reps to either thank them for their sponsorship or ask them to sign on.

Click here to find out which lucky soul is your representative.

Click here for talking points from Equality Advocates.

This really matters.  Ledcat and I live in the City and we both work for employers with a presence in the City.  My organization includes sexual orientation in our non-discrimination policies, but I can't lie and say that I haven't faced homophobia in the workplace. I appreciate the company policy, but I deserve the safety that knowing my employment is not going to be threated by the ignorant, homophobic behavior of people with whom I happen to work. 

My state rep, Chelsa Wagner, is on-board. I've already thanked her, but I'll do so again. 

Take a few moments of your time, fellow queers and the straight people who love us.  We deserve civil protections and none of us can afford — NONE OF US — to be complacent.  Click the damn link and take three minutes to compose an email.

You can be sure Diane Gramley and her merry band of bigots are deluging the reps from the other side of hate and intolerance. 


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