Merry Christmas

I really believe that this song inspired me to become a social worker.  Yes, I know that it is hokey and Eurocentric, but it is still my favorite holiday song and I get a little lump in my throat every time Bono urges me to thank god its them instead of me. 

Now I just found out there is an updated version.  I only recognize a few of the participants, but good for them for updating and shame on us for needing the update.


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  • 1) Bono is my self-united husband.
    2) You should watch the original with me sometime, Sue — I know the subject matter is serious, but my friends have been forced to listen to my running narrative for years … because the video cracks my shit up. (How can you look at Sting and not think “Tantric Sex?” Boy George … George Michael … is it the name “George?” What's with the guy cupping his ear? Yeah, bring it on Bananarama!)
    3) A plus to having teens — I know who the artists are in the cover version!
    Rock on, Sue … Hoi Polloi when the dust settles.

  • It was only this year that I discovered that Bono sang the line encouraging me to be grateful for not being a poor African girl. It is a line right out of the “poor starving babies in China” Catholic mantra.
    Yes, the ear cupping is very … urgent. Is he listening for folks whose world has been even further ravaged by the giant jets that brought the rockers in from throughout the land to record their two lines of the song? Why does Boy George get more lines than David Bowie? The dipping guitar movements are hysterical.
    The video made me unself-unite from Simon LeBon. We are so 1986. And this time I mean it!

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