The Morning After … Debra Todd, ENDA and

I'm sure by now you've made the rounds of the usual suspects … Comet, Burgher, Junkies, McIntire, Smoke Ball … I could go on and on …. frankly, I didn't have the gumption to drag my ass out of bed any earlier than usual to Wednesday morning quarterback the election — with a gay twist.  I was too damn tired from working a 12 hour day that ended after 10 PM to twist any gays.  I heard DeSantis say “doggone” on the radio and called it a day.

However, fortified with samosas (not mimosas, John) and an energizing day at work, I'm now ready to pontificate on all things gay.

First, please note that there has been no official followup from the Secret Gay Meeting held this past Monday by some unknown gay folks and the Mayor.  Sources have identified a few of the leader who attended, but I cannot get any confirmation.  The only person who has publicly stated their plan to attend is our faithful reader and commenter, steelcitydyke, and she hasn't shared with us. Thus, we remain firm in our belief that Luke Ravenstahl is opposed to civil unions and gay marriage.  This does not bode well for the expansion of gay civil rights or gay visibility in the City. 

Second, a big hooray b/c Debra Todd has become the first female Democrat elected to Pennsylvania's Supreme Court.  Todd had the endorsement of the Steel City Stonewall Democrats.  You can read how gay friendly she is here.

The Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) passed the House 235-185 minus protections for our trans sisters and brothers.  And, hey don't worry, your Human Rights Campaign folks have also made sure to get religious exemptions tied into the legislation. Sigh.

Michigan elected its first openly gay mayor in Ferndale.

Iraqui gays express feelings of abandonement and frustration.  This is an article that puts electing a twerp as our Mayor in perspective, doesn't it? 


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