Ravenstahl to meet with Pgh gays on election eve

It would seem that Luke's people realized what a huge gaffe he made last week by saying he does not favor civil unions.  Thus, he has scheduled a meeting with representatives from the Steel City Stonewall Democrats at 2:30 PM Monday.  To clarify. 

Apparently, Luke has stated that he doesn't know what a civil union is. 

The Mayor of Pittsburgh  — a Democrat under the age of 40 — does not know what a civil union is. 

That is so blissfully ridiculous that there's simply no need for further comment.

Luke led the Stonewall Democrats on a merry chase during the primary, trying to choke out as much gay campaign money as possible without actually turning in his questionnaire.  He does not have their endorsement. 

I honestly think that he believes showing up at a few gay bars and PrideFest will trick us into thinking he's a gay ally.  He honestly believes we are that gullible and naive. 

Here's a question  — why would Luke want to appease local homos in the 24 hours prior to his election?  If its in the bag, who cares what we think until 2009, right?   Hmmm …


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