Luke and the Gays – Who Got Invited to the Party?

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ravenstahl to meet with Pgh gays on election eve

by steelcitydyke on Mon 05 Nov 2007 10:57 AM EST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
First of all your worries about me on the stonewall Dems can be at rest I am not a member however have been invited to the meeting.

My understanding from my original source is that this last-minute 2:30 PM meeting was between Luke Ravenstahl and the Steel City Stonewall Democrats.  Now according to a comment made on this blog, it appears that meeting was opened to other individuals not associated with the “gay wing” of the Democratic party.
So even in the last hours, things with Luke and gays are murky.  Who has been invited to the meeting and who is doing the inviting?  I'd like to know if anyone who attended the ACDC Big Gay Chat will be included. 
Is it just me or does this smack of backroom politics at its best? 
And, most importantly, will this information be made public BEFORE Election Day?


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  • I am amazed that instead of being glad the gay community is meeting with the Mayor your focus is on who got invited.
    Did you try to meet with the Mayor? Did any of your comrades?
    This conversation has become childish and I no longer want any part of it.

  • There is also the issue that when he was asked the gay question, he could barely get any words out of his mouth. Did you see it? I've never seen such apparent discomfort.
    And Steelcity … in response to a comment you made on the last thread … how is it that you can offhandedly dismiss the candidate who said clearly that they were in favor of civil unions (“yeah right, I don't believe him!”) but give massive benefit of doubt the the candidate that said clearly they were against civil unions? That just doesn't make any sense to me. If you want to open a dialogue with Luke, that's fine, but it seems close-minded not to open have an open mind toward the candidate who understood the question and gave the right answer.

  • I am giving him the benefit of the doubt because as i see it i have no other choice. he is going to be re-elected ( again these are my views) i do not believe the other guy.. just as you do not. but whether i do or do not will not affect me or the community. Again just for the record i can not see the future but my gut tells me Luke will win. This is not about me or you… it is about the city and the LGBT community. I am not the bad guy, i am just trying to do my part. Saying I support Desantis , in my opinion is wasted time and energy.

  • You are entitled to your opinion. No one is forced to participate in a dialogue via blog comments.
    I'm not sure who you mean by my comrades. I'm a dues paying member of the Steel City Stonewall Democrats, so in a sense yes it seems my comrades are meeting with the Mayor.
    Who is invited drives the agenda and the agenda impacts my life for the next two years, so yes I care about it.
    If it is no big deal, perhaps you could share why you were invited and whom else you know to be invited?
    I find it interesting that you put so much effort into commentings on this little blog and defending the meeting, but you sidestep my questions.
    Why not just answer the questions and put them to rest instead of calling me “childish” for asking them?

  • You know, steel city dyke, you are right. It does matter that you've made time to get involved and you should be appreciated for doing your part when so many people sit by the wayside. Just because we support different candidates doesn't make you the bad guy.
    However, it is sad that you see supporting the inevitable winner as your only choice. Nonethless it is one you are entitled to make.
    I disagree with your strategy. I disagree with your belief that LGBT issues are not relevant to Pittsburgh. But I respect you for stepping up and speaking out.

  • Sad.
    Definitely have talks with whomever you want. I'm not going after you for meeting with him, that's for sure. It's just sad as hell that you feel your community benefits by supporting whomever you believe is going to win, no matter how apparently, viscerally uncomfortable your lifestyle makes him, and how much he belatedly (and typically) tapdances around his plain feelings on the issue.
    Also, you are wrong on the numbers. Luke is still the favorite, but not by a ton. this will be a 50-something to 40-something election, you can take that straight to the bank.
    Call me sentimental, but the better candidate deserves your vote.

  • I have actaully not made my decision yet. I am not saying who i am voting for . HOWEVER again my guess is Luke will win. point out where i said I support Him??? I am going to this meeting to educate him because once again i think he is going to win whether i vote for him or do not. If Luke does not win my strategy is null and void. and we will wait and see if the right wing will step up.

  • Two phrases make me cringe when coming from the lips of allies
    Gay Lifestyle is one. The other is sexual preferences. DeSantis said the latter in the same breath with which he endorsed civil unions. He needs more education, obviously.
    You wrote “no matter how apparently, viscerally uncomfortable your lifestyle makes him”
    I think you should have written “no matter how apparently, viscerally uncomfortable your identity makes him
    It is important to understand that being gay is part of who I am, not how I live. It is important to understand that being uncomfortable with gay people is being uncomfortable with their actual existance, not specific bedroom acts.
    Thanks for catching the slip.

  • This is amazingly well old Pittsburgh.. get lost and get out of my way. Your pathetic last minute hopes with a complete wanna be political downer is not worth my future mind space nor time… Outta here ! and hello MR DeSantis

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