It is 7 PM and Luke is reportedly now in favor of civil unions

Well, I am the suckiest lesbian correspondent ever.  It is five hours post Luke/homo meeting and not a single one of my contacts has, well, contacted me. 

Meanwhile over at The Burgh Report, the Burgher has the scoop … wait for it … Luke now supports civil unions.  Apparently, he was confused by the question.  I'm looking forward to someone looking me in the eye and rationalizing casting a vote for the person who makes that claim.  To be fair, let's take a peak at the actual transcript, courtesy of the Burgher.  This is from the WQED Mayoral Debate.

Michael Bartley: “Mr. Ravenstahl you say you do not support gay marriage…”

Ravenstahl: “Correct.”

Michael Bartley: “…but in big city America, gay unions are certainly an issue.Do you support gay unions?”

Ravenstahl: “I do not.”

Unless he thought a gay union was a labor issue, how could he possibly misunderstand?  It was early in the debate so he wasn't up past his bedtime.  Seriously, how could he misunderstand the most high profile gay issue in the nation?

The Burgher believes that this is a bald face lie.

Supporting Ravenstahl because you think he is going to win — in spite of the fact that DeSantis supports your issues — is a sign of weakness, not strength. Until progressives interest groups figure that out they will never get any respect.

This is especially disheartening in the face of a pending state level legislative battle that will require our unwavering support – the expansion of state level civil protections to include sexual orientation, gender identity and gender presentation.  Southwestern Pennsylvania's Democratic delegation played some very risky legislative games when it came to the anti-gay marriage amendment a few years back.  And that was simply to prevent erosion, not to actively sew new rights and privileges!

Haven't we had enough sleight of hand support from the Democrats we elect?  I know you can't have legislative bodies filled with Frankels and Pedutos, but do we have to continue sucking up to elected officials who want to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to their gay and Catholic/Christian constituencies?

I guess we'll see tomorrow. 


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