Giant Eagle’s War on Christmas?

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Apparently, Giant Eagle hates Christmas and has taken active steps to stomp it into oblivion.  This according to the Liberty Counsel's latest “Friend or Foe” list of retailers who adopt a secular holiday advertising approach.  Liberty Counsel bills itself as a public interest First Amendment law firm.  Founder Mat Staver claims that retailers like Giant Eagle are profiting from Christmas while “pretending that it doesn't exist.” 

Giant Eagle's sin?  Using the phrases”holiday cards” and “holiday season” with no mention of the word Christmas. 

Other retailers on the Naughty List include Bloomingdale's which has the audacity to mention a Hannukah card, but not Christmas cards on their website.  And there you have a clear example of the hideous, Jesus-flavored intolerance these wingnuts use to bash down anyone who gets in the way of their theocratic wetdream.  This isn't about religious freedom at all. God forbid a retailer acknowledge a Jewish holiday without the caveat that the “real” reason for the season is to cram a red and green bedecked whitified baby Jesus down our throats with a side of tinsel wrapped salvation.

Excuse me while I choke on the hypocrisy of the hyped up Christo-obsession with holiday advertising, while sincere believers of all faiths go about the business of feeding the hungry, visiting the imprisoned, clothing the naked and comforting the afflicted.  Christmas or not.

Here's the complete list

I'm heading for Giant Eagle to pour my meager pittance into the coffers of a corporate monolith that hasn't (yet) capitulated to the tyrrany of Christofascism. As soon as I finish my coffee. 

Please note that the author of this blog identifies as a Catholic-flavored Christian (for now) and believes that the number of sincere believers far outweighs the opportunistic, publicity hounds who would willingly abuse any faith system at hand to further their own power-hungry agenda.  She deplores, however, how many of the sincere believers suppress their humanism to satisfy their inner-craving for something to believe in and she wishes more said believers would seek something to think about. 


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