Does He or Does He Not? Gay Leaders Remain Mum on Ravenstahl and Civil Unions

10 a.m. at Lesbian Central and I'm taking a coffee break to review the blogs as we head into election day …the Burgh Report, 2PJ's, the Comet, the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat and even our dearest Ms. Mon.

What I cannot do for you, dear readers, is clarify if Mayor Ravenstahl has had a “Come to Jesus” moment with regard to civil unions. By that I mean the cool hang-with-the-great-unwashed sandal wearin' Jesus.  Not the distorted lets-ignore-that he-never-talked-about-gays edition. 

No one is saying anything.  No message to the membership from the leaders of the Steel-City Stonewall Democrats (they haven't returned my check so I presume we are still members).  No response from the Ravenstahl camp. No comment from private individuals.  Only a few whispers from the Burgh Report.

Wouldn't you think that if Luke changed his mind about civil unions, it would be important information to share before the election? 

I must be officially out of the loop. So we have to proceed with the information at hand.  Luke is on the record opposing civil unions. 

Does it really matter?  Well, this morning I went to meet with the AFLAC rep who had previously told me they offered domestic partner coverage.  Turns out they can't do that because the Commonwealth doesn't recognize domestic partnerships, including heterosexual.  So the best they can do is sell me two individual policies at the group rate, which will still cost me more than a family policy.

Once again, I get a second-class benefit simply because I'm a lesbian. We already have to pay income taxes on our health insurance coverage because we are domestic partners.  We face additional taxes on our life insurance policies.  The list goes on and on and on.

Recognizing civil unions is a step in the right direction to remedy this second-class status.  Opposing civil unions keeps us in second-class status.

Luke Ravenstahl doesn't think my family and yours have as much value and worth as the family he's built with Erin, his wife.  His career trajectory won't stop at the City level. 

Keep that in mind when you cast your vote.  I know that I will. 


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