DeSantis says Yes to Civil Unions, Ravenstahl says No

I missed the debate last night, but have had multiple folks email me this morning with this very importantpoint.

When questioned about inclusiveness of the LGBTQ community in the City, the mayoral candidates were asked to specifically state their positions on “gay unions” and “gay marriage.”

Luke Ravenstahl stated that he does not support gay unions or gay marriage.  He said he was proud to participate in gay events and that he would like gay people to participate in City goverment. 

Mark DeSantis, the Republican, is in favor of civil unions AND stated that he would appoint someone in his Adminstration to serve as a liaison to the gay community.

Ravenstahl puts the onus on us to participate, dismissing the responsibility of his Administration to create a culture that respects and values the contributions of City residents who are gay.  However, he is willing to come to our events. 

Read this very carefully all you who lauded Luke for showing up at PrideFest:  that's all he's gonna do — show up.  He's not gonna walk the walk.  He's given us ample evidence of that. 

Luke Ravenstahl didn't take the time to complete a questionnaire from the Gertrude Stein Club during the primary race. 

Luke Ravenstahl didn't take the time to attend the first ever LGBTQ forum sponsored by the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. 

Luke Ravenstahl doesn't think we have the right to get married.  This is a litmus test question, people, even if it is not a local issue. 

And you delude yourselves if you think helping get a permit for a street party is going to translate into anything more concrete for gay City residents.  He doesn't care about us and he isn't moving forward with us to build a more inclusive community. 

Ask yourselves this on Tuesday morning … do you want your Mayor to be there for us as PrideFest or to be there for us in City Hall?

Mark DeSantis is the candidate who will walk the walk when it comes to local LGBTQ issues.

Vote DeSantis and vote for the gay community to move forward.


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