What do Potter, Lynn Cullen and Cambodican Kitchen have in common? That would be me ….

Hey.  I'm in the City Paper this week.  I wrote them a brief letter to the editor about their story on a local transwoman.  They printed it. 

On another note, the non-discrimination dinner at Cambodican Kitchen was good fun.  I met a few new ladies and learned a lot of new stuff about some old friends.  The food was delish as always.  Dan worked really hard to keep everyone well fed and beveraged.  We are going to do it again on Saturday, November 17, 2007.  Location to be determined.  Let me know if you want to be part of the guest list.  Or if you have a great location.

I'll be on Lynn Cullen's show tomorrow during the 11 AM hour to talk about The Pittsburgh Women's Blogging Society.  Tune in.  Call in with insightful questions.




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  • Sue,
    Still not sure if the show is calling you on your cell # (which I don't have) or home #.
    Please call me anytime or email me.

  • Oh man, I totally missed it! That's what I get for reading your blog a day late. Since MacYapper's off, (in more ways than one), I thought there wouldn't be as many opportunities to catch you, and now, I've missed one of them.
    Ok, deep breath, I'm sure there will be other “appearances”.
    How did it go for you? Ok?
    Best regards!

  • Rest easy b/c we recently both had shout outs on McIntire's blog. 🙂
    Today was fun. We talked about women blogging — wish you would join us, Ask! I even spoke about McIntire and his pro-lesbian values.
    I'd love to be on the air more frequently, but these darn daytime hours present some logistical challenges with work … 🙂

  • i thought you both were great. me, too chicken to call in.
    i'm prone to the giggles when nervous. sherry
    oh and i miss johhny mac. hope he gets a new job here and soon.

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