I’m dressing my dog up as a pea and I don’t care what you think

Last night, I was shivering as I trudged alongside Ledcat back to our car.  We had spent a fun evening rabble rousing and cavorting with the GLENDA folks' “Dining for Diversity” event.  We attended a dinner party in Highland Park with great food and a lovely opportunity to catch up with some friends.  Then we headed downtown for a dessert reception … the most to-die-for red velvet cupcakes in the friggin' world … I had two.  I left my bag in the car or I might actually have taken a few for later.  I'm not embarrassed to admit that desire.  They were that good …

So, the shivering puts me in mind of autumn which brings up my two favorite autumn events — Halloween and my birthday (37 this year).  If I could have red velvet cupcakes to celebrate my birthday …too good to imagine.  Anyway, so I propose to Ledcat that we have a Halloween party this year.  We did it four years ago and it was grand.  Everyone had to enter through the musty passageway underneath the houses (we let the pregnant women in the front door) which was all decked out by our Halloween enthusiast friend – Brenda.  It was great even if our friends were still in the yours/mine/ours phase which forced us to sort of run back and forth tending to people. 

Fast forward four years and I think we have the making of another party.  For one, we hav cleaned out the passageway once again.  Then there will be our hopefully completed renovations to show off to everyone.  And, finally, Miss Mona will have a second opportunity to show off her pea costume.

You see, Miss Mona and her human friend Faith are going to the Animal Friends Howl-oween as the princess and the pea.  Faith gets to be the princess because she's 4. Our friend Michelle is making Mona a pea costume.  With a little green hat.  She's going to be very precious.

So I'm going to throw a party to show off my dog's Halloween costume.   I would like to dress the boys up as peas, but they would look more like giant green meatballs and that's just too digusting to contemplate. 

The only other thing of interest that happened this weekend was the completion of our DIY disaster with the IKEA bookcase (thanks, Brenda!) and our thwarting of breakins of Steeler Nation cars parked illegally in the PennDOT lot behind our house.  Because we are vigilant.  The dude even came over to tell us *he* was watching the cars as a volunteer service to the community.   At that exact moment, Xander slammed against the fence barking his head off … the guys facial expression, now that was truly funny.   I was like “tell it the police dude, cause we just called your ass in …”  Actually, I thought that in my head and let Ledcat do the talking. 

Maybe I should dress Xander as a pea and patrol during Steeler games …


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  • i had red velvet cupcakes on friday night for my birthday (and then on saturday and sunday, of course), so i understand what you're talking about. so grand.
    i love your blog, sue. you kill me, but not in a flatlining kind of way.
    amy h

  • See, they are like the nectar of the lesbians. With icing. A leftovers lunch is going to be very disappointing today. Sigh.
    It was the pea thing, right, that killed you? Last year we dressed her up in a dog costume. Apparently, irony did not sway the judges. The year before she was a bee. I bought her a little santa thingy, but she and Amadeus used the hat to play tug of war so it was like goodwill santa. sigh.
    did you vote on the City Paper survey? Cambodican Kitchen for asian restaurant. I'm telling ya …

  • Hey–I made those red velvet cupcakes that a Hurd is referring to (well, Kramer and I did)! Sue–did the ones you had come from Dozen? Their red velvet cupcakes are the bomb.
    My dog (The K-Bear) was a bee last year. Very cute. You'll have to post pictures of Mona as a pea. Sounds adorable.
    Great to see you and Ledcat, as usual, on Saturday!

  • Not from Dozen — they were made privately by someone's intern or assistant or something. I pretended to listen to the guy, but my entire being was reaching out toward those luscious cupcakes.
    I've only had a few cupcakes from Dozen and have found them a little bit dry. Haven't tried the other place yet.
    You can make me some red velvet cupcakes for our Halloween/Birthday bash. Amy can have one. You can't bring K-Bear however b/c Mona doesn't share her moments to shine. 🙁
    Unless you dress him as a carrot — now that would be super cute. Oh, I should dress my cat as a carrot. That would be hysterical.
    Saturday was really nice. I loved the pasta.

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