Condi Rice Shares House and Line of Credit a/another Woman — Does it matter?

Yesterday, I received 8 kajillion email messages informing me that public documents reveal that Secretary of State Rice has been co-owner of a house with documentary maker, Randy Bean (Rice and Bean — imagine the hay McIntire will make with that one?).  Does this mean she's a lesbian? Maybe, maybe not — but it does legitimately raise the question.

Condi has been known to have close gay friends and publicly acknowledge the gay partner of her appointee as Global AIDS Coordinator.  Meanwhile, she remains silent while the Bush Administration and their family value lackeys systemically attack and repress the entire LGBT community, most visibly under the “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” policy on which Condi has made no public statement.

It is another stunning example of the hypocrisy of this entire Administration (and the wingnut dupes who truly do hate the homos).  Mary Cheney and her privileged ilk waltz with the elephant to their hearts desired, encased in the protection of money, power and privilege.  The Bush twins have a gay hairdresser, gay individuals are permitted to work on campaigns, Santorum let Traynham near his kids … all actions which fly in the face of the twisted public rhetoric they direct toward the gay community. 

So Condi has an intimate financial entanglement with another woman, one that if based on “helping out a friend in need” could have ended long ago given Condi's financial situation.  To those of us familiar with such situations, it looks like a duck.  Does it matter?

Here's Mike Rogers from PageOneQ and blogging on the Huffington Post

Is the person who is fourth in line to the presidency, right behind the Speaker of the House and President Pro Tempore of the Senate, in a relationship with a woman? Well, certainly a financial one. And as she sits silently by, the very men and women who carry out our foreign policy are hounded by their country and stand to lose their livelihoods for exactly the same thing.

After all, Condi Rice is the highest appointed official in the Federal government — discounting Bush v. Gore, of course.

Yes, Condi, it is relevant.



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