Have you heard about that dude in Idaho?

So, there's this Senator from Idaho.  Maybe you've heard about him?  I've had a ton of email messages asking me when I'll blog about it.  I did a segment on McIntire yesterday.  And I've spoken at length with all the important homos in my life about the whole situation.  Here's my quick summary:

First, hypocrite with a capital HYP.  No question.  Closeted gay man actively oppresses us.  Not cool.

Second, police “sting” = entrapment.  I'm so not okay with arresting people for their thoughts or intentions.  Toe tapping and bag placement do not constitute a violation of the law, regardless of their intent.  My understanding is that the police officer played along, using established signals to communicate his interest. A friend explained to me that it is physically impossible for the scenario to have gone down without the police officer doing some fancy footwork of his own.

Third, the wingnuts are going to eject Craig faster than Mark Foley can compose an email.  He'll resign so a R appointee can take the “incumbent advantage” in the upcoming election.  You heard it here first.

Finally, the hysteria around men having sex in the bathroom is pathetic.  Good grief, people, get a grip.  The predator in the bathroom is not a gay man looking to make a connection with another adult.  My friend explained to me in great detail how much effort the individuals take to have some modicum of privacy and not expose their sexual activities to other people. 


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  • I know this is a semantics thing, but I was watching Larry King the other night and there was a psychologist on who described this whole category of married/straight with girlfriends men who do not consider themselves gay but just like to have sex with other men from time to time. Being a gay guy myself, I've run into a ton of them over the years. But it got me to thinking: is there such a species that really isn't gay and would never enter into a gay relationship but just like to sometimes frolic with guys? Does that make them gay or just adventurous? If I were to sleep with a woman four times a year would that make me a closeted straight? And I don't think the bi-sexual term applies here, either. I just keep getting more and more confused. Do we need another letter after LGBTQ and make it an alphabet?

  • At last count, I heard it was LGBTQQI .. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and intersexed. Thus, questioning might be appropriate for this group, but maybe not.
    Personally, I think you can call yourself whatever you like. But sexual orientation is not the same thing as sexual activity — you aren't gay or queer or whatever b/c of how you act or who you love, it is who you are. And that's the rub, isn't it?
    If people want to stay in the closet out of fear or discomfort, my heart goes out to them. But people like Craig who openly take action and positions that hurt our community, including others who are closeted? That's reprehensible.
    While I find entrapment and “fag bags” disgusting, on some level I have to say Craig got a whopping taste of the anti-gay culture he helped to foster with his legislative history.

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