Catching up on a few random LGBT things

My favorite Christian-flavored homobigot, Diane Gramley of the PA American Family Association, had a little missive published last week in the North section of the Post-Gazette.  This time she rallies to the defense of the poor Boy Scouts being persecuted for their own homobigotry.  I'd post a quote but it is really rather a rambly as she tries to connect transgender work issues with evicting the boy scouts from their taxpayer financed dwellings in Philadelphia.  Along the way, she lambastes Dan Frankel for his homosexual activism. 

Boy, she got a lot of mileage out of a simple article about Boy Scouts improving a woodlands trail. 

In other news, Pittsburgh got a new bishop.  His name is David Zubik.  He supports the rights of immigrants and opposes the death penalty, abortion and gay marriage.  Of course, like any responsible Catholic, he chose to focus on abortion and gay marriage in the 2004 elections. So sorry little immigrants and folks on death row.  You only count in off-election years.  

“It is totally inappropriate and out of line for me to suggest the candidates that people would vote for,” he said. “It is totally appropriate and in line for me to share what the teachings of the church are, so that when people go into the voting booth, they will register their votes according to all that they have read and prayed over.”

And up in Beaver County, Mr. Ian Thompson of Baden reminds his community of Melissa Hart's derring do while in office.  Mainly, she “yes, yes, oh yessed” the President.

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For those who may have forgotten, last summer, when Republicans still ran the show, Congress spent weeks on end attempting to amend the Constitution to ban flag burning and to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples.
Once again, Hart was right there voting yes, yes, yes.
Meanwhile, close to 50 million Americans were living every day without health insurance, and thousands of young men and women continued to face life-altering injuries and death in the awful quagmire of Iraq.

And don't forget that Saturday is the 2nd Annual Dyke March.  It has caused the most PghLesbian controversy that we've seen in months and months.  Probably since I accused Chris Potter of sexism.  So it is definitely the place to be.  Ledcat and I are very proud that we played in part in organizing the Dyke March.  Eli is a really cool chica and it was a lot of fun to get to hang out with her even for a few hours.  Getting to know her more than makes up for all the accusations others have hurled that I've sold her out because I talked to men about the march.  On the radio.  With my friend John McIntire.  I'm not quite sure if I'll be disdainfully ignored or spat upon on Saturday evening, but I'll have Ledcat with me so I'm not afraid! 

Be warned Chris Potter that if you spit at me, Ledcat will give you a swift kick on the shins and steal your reporter pad.   


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