Speaking of the police …

Here's something sad and pathetic about the abuse of police pwer

An officer who ordered two women to put on a “sex show” in a jail cell will be fired. 

Norberto Cappas, 32, was found guilty by a police tribunal of conduct unbecoming an officer and lying during a departmental investigation and will lose his job following a 30-day suspension, the department said.

Internal Affairs investigators found that Cappas ordered the two women to kiss and touch each other and expose their breasts in September 2003.

The two had been picked up on suspicion of drug possession, but they had no drugs and were not charged with a crime.

It took FOUR YEARS for something to happen.  And it only happened after the Philadelphia Inquirer started asking questions.  In the meantime, a civil suit was settled, but even that didn't get the police brass off their asses to do something about this “unbecoming” conduct and the idiot behind it all. 

Sends a really good message to the entire female population of Philadelphia, the entire LGBT population and most of the heterosexual male population who probably find this repulsive. 

What is it about police culture that attracts these sick power-mongering fucks? 


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