Reversal of Course on MySpace …

OK, I have caved and set up a myspace profile.  I know, I know … it was almost a year ago that I blogged about it being strictly for young people and “creepy” for those of us over 30.  I believe I wrote this:

And then there is this “friends” thing.  Apparently, you connect your profile to the profiles of your actual friends.  But then you troll for new friends … randomly asking people to be your friend.  They can accept or reject you.  So some people end up with 895 friends.  Seems harmless, right? So I asked the 3 people I have actually met in person to be my friend.  Fine.  Then I asked someone I sort of know who never responded.  So I begin to wonder … is she sick?  Does she not want to be my friend?  What does this mean for when I see her in real life?  Am I not cool enough to be her friend?  Why am I overthinking this?  And on and on and on down into the void euphemistically referred to as a junior high flashback. 

Thankfully, Ledcat slapped me back to my grown up productive citizen life and I quickly realized that I don't need to go online to be rejected — there's an entire world filled with nasty homophobes just lining up to reject me.  Thankfully, there's also a long list of real time people who will come over and hang on our deck with us while the computer sits idle in the attic.

But I had to do it. It has been tough getting some blogging material and following the tracks of people who steal my bandwidth w/o an account — that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  They are stealing my bandwidth, dude!

You know what else turned me?  I attended a presentation on Internet Safety brought to you by the District Attorney's office.  I was really creeped out and I think I'm somewhat Internet savvy.  I get gazillions of pervs coming to this blog looking for teen lesbian porn and I don't let that stop me from putting my message out there.  So I guess I can use myspace responsibly, too. 

But I booted “Tom” from my list of friends and swear to only list people that I have actually met in person at least one time AND with whom I've exchanged actual two-way conversation.  Thus, John McIntire can be my friend whereas the Dixie Chicks cannot.  Much to my regret (no offense to John). 

We'll see what happens.  Maybe I'll bump into some friends and acquaintances.  You can check out my profile at  


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