PA Wingnuts Want to Oust Gay Chairman of Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

Today is June 4, which marks the end of Stephen Glassman's five year term as chair of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.  Governor Ed Rendell is expected to nominate Glassman for another term.  Diane Gramley and her bastion of bigots are hopping mad about this and have churned out the hate literature fast enough to make Big Daddy Dobson proud.  Their goal?  To stop the insidious promotion of the gay agenda by Glassman and his ilk.

According to their website, the mission of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission is to administer and enforce the PHRAct and the PFEOA of the Commonwealth of the Pennsylvania for the identification and elimination of discrimination and the providing of equal opportunity for all persons. (BTW, acronyms stand for Pennsylvania Human Relations Act and Pennsylvania Fair Educational Opportunities Act.)

Gramley is not pleased that Glassman is openly gay and actively working for progress in protecting the rights and civil liberties of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians, as well as others.  See that's the part Gramley wants folks to forget — Steve Glassman is not stepping on other victims of discrimination and bias to lift up the homos.  He is working to make Pennsylvania a fair place for all residents.  It is Gramley and her patrons that want to keep an entire group of residents down and out because we don't fit into her world view. 

Read up on the good work of the PHRC.  Contact your State Senator and let them know what you think about Stephen Glassman's confirmation.  If you are inclined to do nothing, remember that Diane Gramley's minions will be all over this.


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