Going to Pittsburgh and We’re Gonna Get (re)Married … Homos, too!

The Post-Gazette reports that as part of our city's 250th anniversary, we'll be host to the “World's Largest Wedding Vow Renewal” in February, 2008.  Organizers hope to attract 1,000 wedded couples to renew their vows.  Why?

Two of the themes of the 250th celebration are attracting reunions and homecomings to the city and underscoring family and community ties. Getting a thousand couples to reaffirm their vows is a way to do both.

“It's something that comes straight out of the word 're-union.' I was surprised no one had thought of it already,” said Kitty Julian, marketing director of Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, who came up with the idea. “Pittsburgh is all about love of family, tradition, nostalgia … This is exactly in that neighborhood.”

Something about the phrase “straight out of the word 'reunion'” got me thinking — would event organizers welcome LGBT couples who are legally married, albeit not in Pennsylvania?  Would they recognize couples who are domestic partnered and civil unioned?  So I dropped Ms. Julian a line to find out. 

Turns out, they will!  Here's what she had to say via email:

Wedding vow renewal isn't a legal event, but is a celebration of love
and family. We'd be honored to have LGBT couples participate. Since this
is a Guinness World Record breaking attempt we are following their
requirement that, “all couples must provide a copy of their original
marriage certificate.” They don't seem to specify that it must be from a
specific state. So, as long as people have such a certificate, and
pre-register they are in! I don't know what Guinnness says about civil
unions or even if one gets a certificate in that situation, but we'll
contact them to find out, and will report back what we learn.

So that means all you crazy gay couples who married in Canada, Massachusettes, Europe and beyond … you get to participate.  Does anyone who has been civil unioned know about the certificate thing? 

After the Guinness ceremony, there will apparently be a mass blessing (no pun intended) led by leaders from multiple local faith communities.  Now that could get interesting…

The date of the ceremony is Sunday, Feb. 10. Those wishing to preliminarily register for the event may contact Carnegie Museums marketing assistant Leigh Kish at 412-578-2571 or kishl@carnegiemuseums.org.


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