Do lesbians make Mama Ravenstahl cry?

The boy who would be Mayor President is making us feel guilty for upsetting his mama.  According to the Post-Gazette's front page propaganda, er, article, the Mayor laughs in the face of those who would mock him.  His sainted mother, however, weeps as we merrily make up awful crap about her son. Ha!

Then there are the Internet blogs.

“Many of them are interesting in the way they portray what I'm doing,” he said. “Very negative. And my mom, she reads those all the time. … It bothers her more than it bothers me.”

I wonder if Mama Ravenstahl read this:

Does he have the capacity to think about these statements before they fall out of his mouth or do they just sort of slip out?


Good lord, the boy-mayor has absolutely no intention of appointing anyone who isn't part of the good old boys network on his watch.  He might maybe perhaps appoint a socially conservative white woman who knows her place and can keep her mouth shut.  Maybe. 

This is the adminstration that fired BJ Leber.  Sure there's a handsome new puppet instead of an incapacitated old one, but the fact is that the power mongerers have not changed.


First, someone from U-Haul's corporate headquarters came to my site because I said I need a U-Haul to escape Luke Ravenstahl.  That's just really funny. 


I know the muckety muck rich Riccardi loving homos embrace these Social Conservative Democrats for all they are worth, but I'd think most of us should recognize a clear distinction between Ravenstahls “love the sinner/hate the sin” stance on most things involving women and gays  and the TRUE progressive in this race, Bill Peduto, who actually seems to value women and gays for more than our ability to contribute to campaigns. 

or … and this is my favorite …

Not a single homo involved and this story has more twists and turns than a drag queen's virginal encounter with panty hose, a site much prettier than watching Luke Ravenstahl contort an explanation out of this story. 

If you read the subtext, its right out of a gay movie — Slightly inebriated guy meets guy in uniform, intense exchange occurs, guy ends up in handcuffs, guy returns to wife and goes on to become mayor.  Old guy makes it like it never happened. Denials ensue. MacGuy asks questions. The story comes tumbling out. Wife stands by MayorGuy. UniformedGuy can't tell, so don't ask.  I can't make this stuff up. 

To be fair, Mama Ravenstahl, I do acknowledge that your son is a handsome lad and I'm sure you are proud of him for that.  Just like Barbara Bush.   And he's quite the sly one lobbing the “bloggers diss me and I don't care” pitch to which any response merely proves his point. 

What I want to know is if Erin Ravenstahl is the next Hillary?  I mean Erin Feith Ravenstahl, of course.  Now that would be cool. 


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