City Paper Reader Ire Over Kennywood DeGaying Pirate Show

Woe to she who gets on the bad side of Janice Milliner of Buena Vista.  Janice got herself all worked up in response to news that Kennywood had changed homophobic content in their pirate show, thanks in large part to the efforts of one Mary Hawk

You may recall that Mary viewed the Kennywood show and took action at the content she found offensive by contacting management.  Management informed her they would need to hear from more folks.  So Mary took care of that.

Janice Milliner thinks Mary is a gossip on a “delusional crusade” because she, Janice, did not find the content homophobic:

I've seen the very show she protested. Her self-perception as a righteous advocate for what amounted to a humorous skit is really rather pathetic. My “gay” friends who viewed the show didn't even take offense to it!

If someone can explain that second sentence to me, I'd be thrilled.  Advocate for the skit?  Huh?  And what exactly is a “gay” friend — effeminate men who walk around making the little quote signs with their fingers when they make witty comments?  Or should I say self-perceived witty comments.  Or self-perceived friends.  Or self-perceived ability to write a coherent letter to the editor.

So Janice disagrees with Mary that the content was homophobic.  Janice found it funny.  And she disagrees with Mary's tactic of spreading the word about an issue in which she believes.  Janice finds that gossipy.  She thinks Kennywood removed the content to appease homosexuals.  Janice finds that sad.

This is probably the most poorly written letter to the editor published by any local paper in the last six months.  Perhaps Janice should get some “literary” friends or maybe a “dictionary” instead of spending so much time at Kennywood gawking at gay pirates. 

Besides everyone know Johnny Depp's pirate is bi.  Whatever.


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  • What Kennywood should really do is write a Pirate show for next year that presents a gay pirate in a positive, empowering manner.
    If they have pulled the show, I wonder if the script is still abailable. I would not like to examine it …

  • Sue,
    As a matter of fact; I could care less about how gay this all is. The skit is irrelevant, really. I find the whole thing trite and petty. It does seem that what Mary did equates to nothing more than gossip. (She herself said she called on her friends.) I see it all the time; She spread her contempt over 'not feeling like she mattered', and much like people with hidden agendas do; she whined about it until she was pacified. And of course, as an added stroke to her own self importance and giftedness for multiplying ridiculous matters, she rattles the keyboards of folks like you and I, Janice Milliner and so forth. As for you and your journalistic liberties citing; ‘gawking at gays’, feelings of sadness and the inability to write; it sounds like you also have a hidden agenda of your own Sue…? Could this possibly be a rival? Typos aside, everyone knows that letters-to-the-editor are edited…which was probably a benefit to your submission. As for Janice's, I found her comments to be, at the very least, amusing~
    BKB, Homestead

  • For someone who could care less, you use a lot of words. I support Mary.
    Please clarify who I view as a rival? Janice? Mary? You? Chris Potter?
    Are you implying the City Paper edited Janice's letter to make it worse?
    I'm sure they edited my submissions as I undoubtedly made grammatical and spelling errors. Hopefully, I hit the nail on the head with regard to language.
    Thanks for the chuckle.

  • Sue Kerr-ageously spoken!
    And your point is…?
    Rivals? Chris Potter…I doubt; Janice, maybe. BKB, well, s/he made you chuckle…!
    To all of you…
    Really, who or what can any of us believe when one rants about the ‘cost’ of something…all the while with their thumb on the scale…? We're all so horribly bias when it comes to perspective.
    There are people who like being ‘wronged’ purely for the sake of being given an opportunity to rant…and I so dislike being associated with all that. Its times like these that I think; Its no wonder why folks are homophobic and its no wonder why homos are so defensively eager to pick fights. They feed each other fuel for the fire. None of them really listens to the other. I agree with BKB; Janice's letter was amusing. I applaud Mary for wanting to do something…but perhaps she could have asked her friends “hey, go watch that show and tell me your thoughts.” Then she could have discussed what she 'thought' she saw or what she 'actually' saw. No one ever seems to consider that they could have possibly got it wrong. Everyone is so eager to prove they're right. Janice didn't seem to be against Mary for how she feels about homos…nor did she bode for gays. Her point was about heresay…of which there is something to be said for the point that she made. Sue, if you had to stand trial based on your acceptance as 'fact’ coming byway of ‘heresay', I imagine you'd be less than enthusiastic about the one witness who saw you from a tainted vantage point…along with the 30 friends who got that one witnesses email. Janice and Mary were there. Mary had a point. Janice had a point. And you, for no good reason…missed the point. Chris Potter, for reasons that make for good journalistic content, gave both of them a voice…Which is the point of balanced journalism.
    Again I agree with BKB; Your assaults against City paper and Janice seem oddly provoked by personal vendetta.
    (Imagining you chuckle, makes me smile ~)
    Jolly good thanks Sue!

  • Holy smokes! People certainly seem to be paying attention. I'm not really sure why this has struck a chord with people, but that's the whole point of a blog so carry on folks!

  • Kennywood's parent company sued the borough in 2005, arguing that the tax was unconstitutional because other entertainment venues, such as golf courses and rifle ranges, didn't pay it. The company stopped paying the tax in mid-2006. A jury trial had been scheduled for next month.
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