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We made a few modifications to the blogrolls …

Pittsburgh's Gay Male Blog – a fun sometimes serious frolic through Pittsburgh's gay male world.  lots of gay male pictures interspersed with great commentary on the Catholic church. 

Transburgh – excellent resource for Pittsburgh's trans community.  my friend is the author and working on a related podcast.

Blogging Feminism:  Websites of Resistance – i found this link at (already on the blogroll)  Sometimes its difficult to make time to read more than the local blogs, but this is one well worth the effort.

Agent Ska – i'm embarrassed that it took me this long to add one of my favorites.  Maria and I are organizing the first ever Pittsburgh Women's Bloggers Conference and I hope Agent Ska will be the keynote speaker.  🙂 


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  • WOOO HOOO! Yay, thanks. 🙂
    P.S. If you're going to the Renaissance Choir Performance (aka the City's Gay and LEsbian CHoir Performance) I'll be the stage manager. Feel free to come up and say “hi” afterwards.

  • I spoke to Ska about this … if there are portions of the conference at which it would be appropriate to have an unobtrusive, well-mannered, housebroken male blogger for to report on the event from an “outsiders” perspective … we at the Comet totally volunteer.

  • As soon as you grow that uterus you've been eyeing up at Costco, the invitation will be in the mail. Given that there seems to be 5 female bloggers in Pittsburgh, two of whom are undercover (PittGirl and Agent Ska), it might be a very small conference. We might get the back table at Tuscany and call it a day.

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