The Big Gay Chat from the Party’s Point of View

I spent 90 minutes detailing what I deemed an historic event for Pittsburgh's LGBT community and the local Democratic Party.  The party detailed it thusly (h/t Progress Pittsburgh):

GLBT: A good crowd representing the GLBT community in the area met with a dozen candidates and discussed issues of concern within the community, raising health care partner benefits coverage questions among several topics discussed during the evening. Local GLBT bloggers called the forum “historic” and applauded the ACDC outreach into the community. Former Judicial candidate Hugh McGough served as moderator for the event and helped to usher along candidates new and familiar with GLBT community issues. Following the event, long discussions and networking occurred over far too many cookies and many in attendance asked hat these events become standard ACDC procedure.

You gotta be freakin' kidding me.  Cookies?  That warrants a mention in the one paragraph devoted to this event.  Cookies.  Like we are a bunch of church ladies who got together to discuss an upcoming social.  Please note, I only got one cookie because I was busy chatting. 

Plus, I have the sneaking suspicion they lifted some of the concepts from my blog post as I believe I am the only local LGBT blogger who covered the meeting and practically the only LGBT political blogger in Pittsburgh.  The phrase “usher along candidates new and familiar with GLBT community issues” is what tipped me off.  This is a neat little way to sidestep the criticism some of us raised about the candidates lack of preparation. They aren't underprepared; they are just “new.”  How nice for them. 

So when exactly do they become old?  Cause I swear Len Bodack and Sheriff Mullen have been around the block a few times if ya know what I mean.  <wink wink>

Here's the thing … the little paragraph is great … so when is the next meeting?  How about having a lesbian moderate it — maybe Betty Hill or Dr. Emilia Lombardi?  And we definitely need a little more “T” so be sure to get the word out in the trans community.  When will the LGBT subcommittee be formed?  Or an openly LGBT individual hired on by the committee? 

I have a better idea — how about if the candidates turn out for PrideFest so they can interact with thousands of LGBT community members from all over the county.  How about if Rich Fitzgerald and Doug Shields turn out a few new members of their respective councils?  And I hope Dianna Wentz proves she really is supportive of the gay community in spite of her personal religious beliefs by turning out for the most important LGBT political networking event AFTER the primary.  It is all symbolic, you see, but it can send a message to our community.  Click on the pretty little button on the top right side of my blog for all the PrideFest information you need.  I'll be the one with the small blonde dog and the petite Ledcat. 

Next time, come to us.  I'll even let you borrow my blog.


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