PG Reader – Jesus Isn’t Running a Buffet!

Matt Huffmyer of Westview has had it with pick and choose Christians who toss out all the good Old Testament stuff b/c Jesus didn't talk about it. 

Stuff like homosexuality and porn. 

Jesus said that He came to fulfill the law and the prophets. They clearly state that any type of sexuality outside of the bond of marriage between a man and a woman is a sin. Just because Jesus doesn't specifically speak about homosexual behavior and Hustler magazine does not mean He wouldn't confront us today.

There I was thinking that thousands of years of debate among all sorts of Bibleworshippers meant there was room for interpretation.  But, obviously, they were all wrong and our buddy up in Westview has it right.  Jesus, like many Christians, was obsessed with all thing sexual in spite of his actual teachings about poverty, forgiveness, hunger, love, charity, etc.

Jesus knows that to fully understand love and grace that we need to fully understand and accept responsibility for our own sin. Jesus' teachings are not a buffet. We are not to pick and choose as we see fit but must eat the entire meal.

That's right Matt so how about you convince your buddies to put down the fetus signs and sign up to adopt an unwanted 8 year old child?  How about you spend your lunch break at the Allegheny County Jail holding the hand of the mother of an 19 year old inmate?  How about you pick up some socks and underwear at Target and drop it at the Wood Street Shelter?  Or stop by the food bank this Saturday to pack up some groceries?  How about you lobby Congress to increase funding for human service programs to make sure our poorest citizens are cared for?  How about, how about, how about?

How about you worry about the issues that your friend Jesus recognized actually hurt people the most — poverty, isolation, anger, imprisonment, hunger, hatred?  Leave Larry Flynt to the homos. 



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