PG Reader: Don’t Impose Christo Morality Code on Others

I love letters to the editor, almost as much as I enjoy the comics.  I truly admire folks who take the time to pen a letter, even when I do not admire their perspective or beliefs.  From the perspective of a lesbian blogger, it is valuable for intolerant people to put their prejudice, bigotry and rational out there for everyone to read. It is like a blueprint of hate. It is just as valuable when gay people and our allies take the time to put another perspective out there, affirming the value and dignity of people in the gay community.

Today's letter is one of the latter.  Joseph Kowalski of North Huntington responds to a recent epistle from Matt Muffmyer who, like so many of his christo-comrades, believes it is necessary to beat us over the head with his verion of WWJD.  Matt thinks Jesus was anti-homosexual and anti-pornography, and admonishs us to avoid the Jesus buffet aka pick and choose Christianity.

Unlike me, Joseph took the high road and did not mock Matt (who appears to be a frattesque boy from Grove City College – are you surprised?).  Instead, Joseph offers a succint response …. well, read it for yourselves:

I'm not here to debate what is and isn't included in the Bible because in a free society that enjoys freedom of religion, equality isn't based on the Bible. As a gay man living in the United States, I should have all the rights and privileges afforded to heterosexual citizens.

In the United States, Christians are free to be repelled by any and all sins mentioned in the Bible, and they can practice their moral code as it applies to them. However, Christians are not free to impose their moral code on others.

That's the piece that some Christians don't want to acknowledge — no one is forcing churches in Vermont to perform gay marriages.  The state cannot compel a church to change their religious activities; it just doesn't get to cross that line into imposing on other people. This is an important point because the Christian zealots very much want to impose their morality on the rest of us — conversion to their way of thinking is the only real option. 

Kudos to Mr. Kowalski for reminding of that very fact. 


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