Miss Mona holds her own and other stuff of note from Lesbian Central

It has been a roller coaster around Lesbian Central.  Overall, things are good, but Ledcat and I are exhausted (and it is only Monday).

As you may recall, Miss Mona began her chemo treatments last week.  She has done remarkably well with only a few minor side effects making an appearance.  Today, she stood in the kitchen barking her heart out when we left the house, so I know she's feeling better (and peeved about being left behind with the cats).  She has four more rounds of chemo to go over the next four months.  We also switched her to this no-grain/high protein diet called Evo, The Ancestral Diet which she loves, as well as some no/low grain treats.  Apparently, carbs feed cancer and a diet high in protein and fat fights back.  Who knew? 

The very day she began her chemo, I found a lump on Deus' jaw.  My heart sank and I was pretty upset.  Off we went to Allegheny Veterinary Associates only to discover, to my great relief, that is was a fatty tumor.  Deus enjoyed the car ride.  He has gained 10 pounds and now weighs 120 which makes him almost equal in size to Ledcat.  Wrestling him to the ground to trim his nails was great fun.  I should bring my grandmother to the vet with me — she's nearly 91, weighs 110 and he is gentle as a lamb when he's around her.  She has absolutely no fear of the boys and they pick up on it.  I think it is because she collects crumbs in her lap and doesn't mind if they sniff her.  🙂   Anyway, Deus is fine albeit chubby.  Ledcat thinks we tie a hot dog over his head and get him to run around the yard chasing it.  🙂

Next week is Grandma's 91st birthday.  As a surprise, I am taking her for her absolute favorite thing — ice cream.  We'll go to Klavons in the Strip District because I think she'll get a kick out of the retro soda fountain.  Plus, I know they will fuss over her which is her second most favorite thing.  Third is seeing Miss Mona.  Mona goes for ice cream all the time and enjoys munching on a cone and all the pets she receives from other ice cream aficionados.  I'm not sure I can swing Mona and Grandma at the ice cream parlor at the same time — they are both rather feisty grand dames. 

I'm off this week to attend the wedding of my college roomie and long-time friend, BJ.  I haven't seen her family in over a decade so I am very excited.  They live in New York City.  Ledcat is staying home with the critters to keep an eye on Miss Mona.  I promised my therapist I would leave my laptop at home, but I just cannot do it … four days without email is more than I can bear.  Plus, I have designated downtime when I'm trapped at the hotel with only out of town guests and in-laws, so I can use that for blogging time.  (Yes, I'm taking work with me, too.  There's no such thing as a real vacation in the wonderful world of social work.)

Other items of interest (at least to me):

*  We tried out the new restaurant in Allegheny West … Muriel's Garden and it rocks.  The food is reasonably priced and awesome.  The staff was great.  We enjoyed dining al fresco in a quaint garden space.  Their salad dressing is really delicious and I had a great pasta dish with tomatoes and mushrooms.  Plus, bread pudding with whiskey sauce.  Try it.  And…. they are uber gay friendly.  Several homos on staff (this I confirmed through MySpace) and a real gay sensibility to the place. 

*  We also hit our absolute favorite Indian restaurant, Taj Mahal on McKnight Road.  That place is simply always delish.  We get into a bit of a rut with regard to entrees, but it's a wondrous rut.  There seems to have been a recent turnover in staff which has only improved the service.  I used to shy away because I would wait in vain for a water refill, but now I am amply hydrated.

*  I had this giant vase filled with change that I've accumulated for the past five years.  So off to Giant Eagle we went to take advantage of their coin counting machine.  I learned that I could redeem my change for a gift card and pay no fee so I opted to get a Borders gift card and a Starbucks card.  $80 later …Ledcat and I splurged at Borders, her with two cds and me with two books.  I never buy books, preferring the library.  So this was huge for me, but I couldn't very well get a $57 Starbucks gift card.  Well, I could have but it wouldn't have been pretty … I found it a bit odd that you couldn't get a Giant Eagle gift card from the machine.  However, I am happy to have reading material for the airplane trip. 

So there you have it. Feed your dogs ancestrally.  Feed yourselves at two great local restaurants.  Save your pennies.  And be nice to your grandma because you don't know how long you'll have her around.  Or your dog. 


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