John Edwards Answers “Gay Issues” Questionnaire from the HRC

Courtesy of Pam's House Blend

I think these answers are consistent with what we've heard so far from John Edwards, along with an clear statement that he supports the repeal of DOMA, which is what stands in the way of marriage equality on paper. Every single candidate who is in favor of civil unions cannot realistically expect to earn a gay vote without crossing this bridge.

That said, there is a follow-up question that needs to be asked, with companies denying benefits to couples in civil unions, how will Edwards or any other candidate will ensure that gay and lesbian couples will be treated equally under the law in a separate-but-equal on paper legal arrangement that cannot be called “marriage?” Civil unions, domestic partnerships and any other half measures are going to fail because they are not culturally equal.  The word, even when referring only to civil marriage, is universally understood and accepted.

Pam has the original .pdf file of the HRC questionnaire.

My understanding is that Edwards has been the first Dem presidential candidate to get his answers out there.  I'm personally not impressed with Hillary and Barack at this point — I have significant suspicion that they would sell out the LGBTQ community to curry favor among socially conservative Democrats, especially people whose faith pronounces us immoral. 

However, I'm not convinced Edwards wouldn't do that same.  Saying that he's “not there yet” on gay marriage is a bunch of hooey.  Denying Ledcat and I 1,000+ federal benefits because of his personal morality is just wrong.  Especially since I suspect his personal morality is about political expediency and the “faith” vote. 

However, I agree with Pam that Edwards is worth a second or third look.  I've been saying all along that its going to be Edwards for Pres and Obama for VP.  That's still my call. 


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