Hello, Is this the Allegheny County Democratic Committee?

Where oh where have my little reps gone, oh where oh where can they be?

During a recent heated discussion on the Run, Baby, Run listserv, I realized that I am not sure who my Allegheny County Democratic Committee representatives are.  I moved to this here neck of the woods (Manchester) in 2005 and have never been contacted, approached or sought after by anyone connected with the Democratic Party.  I am not a supervoter (to my chagrin), but I have attended a lot of community meetings and events and never once have I seen anyone, male or female, identify themselves as a committee people or a ward chair or ward cleaver for that matter.

I did happen to learn by quirk that a neighbor down the street may or may not be the female committee person.  She's a very nice lady, but when I saw her at the post-endorsement Bill Peduto (sigh) rah-rah meeting she was more interested in playing with the hosts' children than doing any networking or socializing.  In fact, most of the old school long-time muckety muck white people there pretty much talked with their friends and ate blue cookies.  She also tends to brag that she's been a committeewoman for like 25+ years or some ungodly amount of time and that “they won't let me retire.”  I'm hopeful she's talking about her employer, but I doubt it.

So I was encouraged by ACDC guru herself Dianna Wentz to call the office and get the scoop.  The number is 412-321-2995. 

Being an intrepid blogger, I tried their website first.  No dice.  Lots of pretty red, white and blue fonts to convince me how patriotic I am for being a Democrat (something you never reinforce often enough I suppose), but not a lot of actual information to be had. 

Today, I called and left a detailed message.  Dianna cautioned me that they have a lot of calls and an overworked staff, so I'm willing to wait a few days and see what happens. 

Anyone else know their committeepersons?  Do they go to meetings?  Contact people?  Identify themselves?  Show up period? 


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  • In 2006, I had lived in my district on the South Side for seven years. I had never been approached by my Committee people in all that time. I have great doubts that my neighbors on my block (and the block behind and in front of mine) had either as I registered a few of them myself for the 2004 election.
    The first time I met my Committee woman was when I was a pollwatcher for Bruce Kraus in the special election in 2006. Days before, I had turned in my petition to run for Committee myself. As I stood handing out flyers for Kraus, my Committee woman walked over to me and said, “I hear you're running against me.” That's how I met her. LOL
    Later in the evening, a couple of her buddies who were working that poll tried to throw a Green Party pollwatcher and myself out of the polls after they closed despite the fact that we both had official pollwatcher certificates. My Committee woman sat silent during the argument that we eventually won. After it was over, my Committee woman came over to me to and said, “I have to say, honey, I don't remember ever seeing you here before.” Then she patted me on my head. [UGGG!]
    Considering that I had voted there every freaking election for seven years, I should have told her that if she didn't know me she must not be doing her damn job, but I was too freaked out that while in my 40's someone was patting me on the head like I was a little child.

  • You should have kicked her in the shins and ran away. That sort of condescending passive-agressive bullshit is the problem. People bitch and moan about young people not stepping up, but that requires some of the old people moving aside. Sometimes I think old people want interns, not young leadership.
    As of 7:30 AM, no response from the ACDC. I did have red, white and blue dream last night. Could that be a message? Does Jim Burn have the ability to penetrate my subconcious and, if so, does that save the party money on phone service?

  • Understand that those who are on the “d” committee won a public election. So, the poll results are public. But, the make-up of the committee is subject to change and all those changes and the names of the actual members of the “d” committee are CLOSED. This is a 'secret list” it seems.
    I'm not a member of the “D” party. I'm not going to be a willing member of a public group that keeps its leadership ranks hidden.
    When there is a special vote among “D” committee folks, that's when the tricks get pulled. Provisional ballots, new members to the committee, stacking the sides, etc. And, since the list isn't public — it is easier to fix. That's weirdness that I don't endorse.
    But, that's old power up to its usual tricks.
    At the least, the D-party list of committee people with contact info should be on the D party website.
    But, the year of the computer is next year.

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