Another Pgh Presbyterian Church Votes Itself Off the Island Over Gay Ordination

From Weds' PG

“This is a congregation that has been dealing with these issues for years, long before I ever came on the scene,” Rev. Weaver said. “This congregation is concerned about the shift of the denomination away from biblical standards.”

He believes that reports endorsed at last year's General Assembly weakened the church's commitment to the doctrine of the Trinity and paved the way for local option on gay ordination.

This is the Memorial Park Presbyterian Church in McCandless, the largest Presbyterian church in the region. They are evangelical and are heeding the call of a breakaway evangelical group that seems to believe in take your toys and go home theology. 

But that's just my reaction when I see the doctrine of the Trinity on the same level of concern as gay ordination.  I mean seriously … the Trinity seems like it should be a bit more important in terms of theological differences than a homo leading the flock.  I don't think New Hampshire is about to descend into Hades anytime soon and they have a queer bishop.  Of course, they are liberal Yankees and Episcopalians …



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