Catchin’ Up with the Tribune Review on Homo Coverage

It has been a super-duper busy week for me at work and home so not much not time for blogging.  Here's a few interesting snippets

The Tribune-Review's columnist Matt Sober dances with the homo issue once again as he tackles Ann Coulter — really, isn't she such an easy target after all?  Anyway, Sober has the good sense to recognize that faggot actually is an offensive slur.  Then he devolves into a strange comparison to Seinfeld episodes and mixed metaphors and some other inane stuff.  It is not a particularly good column, a bit too much on the folksy appeal to the yinzer 40something type column.  But at least he recognized that us gays have been under siege far too much of late and someone should go pick on somebody else.

Now here's something interesting. A professor at California University of Pennsylvania (CUP) is claiming that the university is complicit in the oppression of gay students. 

“Gay and lesbian students are treated differently,” charged William O'Donnell, of the Theater and Dance Department, during the convocation attended by more than 200 faculty, staff and students

The gathering was prompted by an incident three weeks ago in which racially charged notes were attached to the dormitory room doors of about a dozen black students.

O'Donnell alleged that the Washington County university discriminates against gays and lesbians. He said discrimination, including harassment of openly gay students, served as a “model” to other students and helped to fuel the recent racial incident.

The University, of course, denies the allegations.  Apparently, someone targeted an African-American student with racial harassmment and the university failed to respond appropriately.  She had to leverage a television interview to get some justice done.  Now, O'Donnell's charges come to light.

Is anyone surprised the queer students might be treated differently?  Not that its okay, but CUP isn't exactly the bastion of civilization … and I can speak from firsthand experience that queer students are not well treated at the University of Pittsburgh.  The article does not list a single incident or the perspective of any students.  Surprised that gay students didn't talk with the reporter?  Huh …

OK, I gotta draw this long day to a close.  I'm getting my house ready to rent and its exhausting.  Never ending cleaning. 



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