Will Luke Ravenstahl attend Steel City Stonewall (Gay) Democrats Pgh Candidates Forum

Maybe its just me, but isn't the mayoral race important to the region, too?  Luke Ravenstahl isn't exactly Mr. Progressive per 2 Political Junkies on issues like choice, contraception, free speech, open government, blah, blah, blah.  I know the muckety muck rich Riccardi loving homos embrace these Social Conservative Democrats for all they are worth, but I'd think most of us should recognize a clear distinction between Ravenstahls “love the sinner/hate the sin” stance on most things involving women and gays  and the TRUE progressive in this race, Bill Peduto, who actually seems to value women and gays for more than our ability to contribute to campaigns. 

Will Luke show up next week?  Stay tuned …

2007 Candidates Forum

Wednesday, Febuary 28th

6:30 pm-Union Project

801 North Negley Ave 
Sponsored by:The Steel-City Stonewall DemocratsDemocracy for Pittsburgh
The League of Young Voters
The Getrude Stein Club
Progress Pittsburgh

After the Meet & Greet our forum will focus on 3 important races!City Council District 7 – Bloomfield, Highland Park, East Liberty
City Council District 9 – East Hills, Homewood, Point Breeze
City Controller – citywide with impact on the whole region


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