The Snowstorm That Ate Pittsburgh; Lesbians Run Out of Creamer

Finally … I wake up to some good news. I don't hafta go anywhere b/c I brought my work home with me (I'm rapping my knuckles on my temple right now).  I get to finish a grant proposal and a home study report in my pajamas.  Woo hoo!

I've been mesmerized by KDKA's coverage of this storm.  They didn't report a single item of actual news during the 11 PM broadcast last night.  The only break from Storm Team Coverage (is that KDKA?) was an insipid little encounter between Sonni Abatta and Sydney Crosby — if I heard her say “Syd” one more time, I was going to retch. Right now, I'm tuned into Marty Griffin telling us the “real deal” on the snowstorm that ate Pittsburgh.  He's almost frothing in despair at the impending doom.  Just told me to call the old people I know and forbid them to set foot outside. 

Thankflly, most of the old people I know either have enough common sense to stay inside or are in the bosom of people who can do that for them.

I'm all set for the day.  I bought blueberry muffins last night.  Just made a pot of coffee.  Downside is that I'm out of real creamer so I have to use artificial.  Drat. 

My favorite part of the day is going outside with the woofers — they love this stuff.  Amadeus and Alexander are just dumb enough to argue over who gets to “retrieve” the snowballs.  They will take each other out to catch it directly and then sort of look stunned b/c “hey, that's cold!”  Nothing like wrestling, growling 120 lb dogs to keep the neighbor kids in line.  If they only knew what all the fuss was about …

Another good part of yesterday (after our early dismissal) was playing Yahtzee. I  haven't played that game since I was a kid.  Ledcat's mom got it for me this past Christmas and after a few rolls of the die, we caught the hang of it again.  Now that's a memory … hot chocolate, snow dipping off the coats in the corner, a fire and Yahtzee.  Its so very Norman Rockwell!


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  • You make an interesting point about the news. While the President huffs and puffs and tells us more stories (where we're supposed to believe him and his “intelligence” AGAIN) about some country is responsible for killing Americans (like Iran) and he tries once again to convince us that the sky is falling if you don't take military action to invade yet another country, the media is consumed by a snowstorm during the winter.
    Like DUH! Karl Rove is FURIOUS that snow should take a front seat over more invasion plans.
    Oh well, don thy winter garb (since it IS winter), and shake up the neighbors by making a snowWoman with big breasts and put it in the front yard so that all the neighbors will call the news media — you might just make the evening news with GASP a snowWoman with boobies! Heavens knows that no one has ever seen such a thing. It might even deserve a visit by the Department of Homeland Security — those clowns might escalate our level to chartruse or some other pretty color.
    Maybe you should teach George how to play Yahtzee. It is just the kind of mentally challenging thing which could consume his brain until 08 rolls around and keep his finger off that nuke button.
    Our biggest problem to fear isn't other countries — it is the current administration's disfunctionality.

  • Sadly, we have no fronty ard because we live in the city and a snowwoman with boobs (why do gay men always call them boobies?) staring at my back alley would somehow just not be that out of place.
    Tonight's 6 PM KDKA broadcast featured one news story – the detention of a man who may be the East End Serial Rapist. Now that's a worthwhile story, but surely other stuff happened today? I missed Katie Couric b/c of shoveling snow, but I'm sure something else happened that we should be paying attention to …right?
    After spending 45 minutes digging out the vehicles this afternoon, I am sick of hearing about the weather.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

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