Beaver County Man – Society Sissified by Affirmative Action

What with all the weather and all, I missed this little gem of a letter in the Beaver County Times that was penned by Paul Kisiday of Freedom (ironic, no?).  Paul decries the sissification of contemporary society as exemplified by complaints over Super Bowl ads.  It seems that all the furor over distraught robots, homoerotic chocolate kisses and K-fed's diss of fasfood workers has pushed Mr. Kisiday over the edge and he's determined to save us from ourselves:

Sorry to break the news, but there are winners and losers in life and people do get their feelings hurt. In the adult world, the better person gets the job (in most cases, excluding affirmative action, which is another way our society is sissified).

As a species, we dominate the planet. It's about survival of the fittest, with the strong on top. We are getting away from that and setting a bad example for our youth.

They need to realize it's not about free handouts, that you need to work hard to achieve your goals and that sometimes you will have your feelings hurt.

So get over it and move on.

Wouldn't it really be awesome if the better person always got the job?  I mean I could live well in a society like that; I'd be able to offset feeling bad about being passed over if I could truly believe that the majority of jobs impacting my life are filled by the best person.  Not the whitest person.  Not the most masculine.  Not the best connected person.  Not the one capable of consuming the most alcohol.  Not the one most likely to end up in the boss's bed.  The best person.

Too bad Mr. Kisiday have never actually read Darwin or, apparently, any of our Founding Father — a bunch of the “fittest” who set up a system not based on keeping the strong on top. 


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