That’s Commander Catherine McNeilly to you, Mayor Ravenstahl

Ohhhh … in a nice courtroom twist, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction to Commander McNeilly reinstating her to the rank of Commander.  You'll recall all the glorious details when Commander McNeilly blew the whistle on the nefarious goings on of Dennis Regan the political hack driver who would be Public Safety Director.  Thanks to McNeilly's release of documents indicating that Regan had used his political power to help out the policeman brother of his girlfriend, Mayor Ravenstahl was forced to launch an investigation and Regan resigned.

I think Cathy McNeilly is a mighty grand woman who did what had to be done for the best interest of the city.  I think Mayor Ravenstahl threw his lot in with the devil when he kept Regan around and can't wipe that stank off fast enough.  No amount of mucking about with the Redd Up crew is going to help with that, Luke.  Especially under oath in a federal trial.  With the ACLU on the same side as a Pittsburgh police officer.  Woo hoo … we can't make this shit up.

And I live in McNeilly's neck of the woods, Zone 1 so I am especially happy to have her back on deck.  We need some kick-ass, take no shit from anyone women around here. 

Seriously, this is a good thing for city employees who shouldn't have to feel that the law protecting whistleblowers doesn't apply to them just to feed Luke Ravenstahl's boy-who-would-be-king mania.   Given all the smoke, proverbial and Marlboro alike, that's being blown around City Hall, its amazing anyone has the lung power to pucker up and whistle.  More power to 'em.


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