Ravenstahl “There’s more than one reason to handcuff a man”

Now that Main Stream Media (MSM) has sunk its teeth into this little tale of a man and his handcuffs, the gay drama just escalates.  This is like Queer Eye meets Cops.

WPXI airs previous interview where Ravenstahl plays word games to essentially deny being handcuffed.  If he didn't actually lie about it, he omitted to tell the truth.  Or did he? 

The Post-Gazette runs a story from former Chief McNeilly calling for an investigation.  To be fair, McNeilly is completely disengenuous when he claims no political motivation to speak out (his wife is Catherine McNeilly), but he's probably the only police-related person involved (or not) who has the ability to speak out.  No cop who wants a future in this little metropolis that could is gonna speak out after the Mayor bitch slapped Catherine McNeilly into the warrant office, which I understand is the police equivalent to Siberia. 

The the PG editorial board minces into the scene and bitch slaps (sorry for being repetitive) the Mayor's critics, especially ooohhhh … the bloggers for engaging in rumor mongering.  The High-Priestesses of Hissy have their feather boas in a furor because the facts don't support the accusations.  I'd suggest the facts equally fail to support the defense.  Not to mention the fact that we'll have a hard time getting the facts since the Mayor is the boss of everyone involved.

To sum up, we've got handcuffs, gagged cops, axes to grind, peeved members of the Main Stream Media, outraged husbands, silent sturdy types in uniforms, alcohol and a privileged frat boy with a pretty wife claiming that just because he wore the handcuffs doesn't mean he did the deed.

Again I say, I can't make this up.


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