Ravenstahl, McIntire, Pgh City Police: The Gay Angle No One is Talking About

Not a single homo involved and this story has more twists and turns than a drag queen's virginal encounter with panty hose, a site much prettier than watching Luke Ravenstahl contort an explanation out of this story. 

If you read the subtext, its right out of a gay movie — Slightly inebriated guy meets guy in uniform, intense exchange occurs, guy ends up in handcuffs, guy returns to wife and goes on to become mayor.  Old guy makes it like it never happened. Denials ensue. MacGuy asks questions. The story comes tumbling out. Wife stands by MayorGuy. UniformedGuy can't tell, so don't ask.  I can't make this stuff up. 

Except most gay people are smart enough to know not to confront a cop in the middle of police activity.  I'm with David at 2PJ's that there's something off about claiming one lone cop surged into a crowd.  Plus, there's the claim on KDKA's report that the cop was a rookie. Since the details are good extra money, I'd imagine working Steeler games is a pretty plum assignment.  Does it make sense that a rookie would land that assignment? Or someone with a least an iota of seniority? 

Its hardly credible that Ravenstahl would pull out his City Councilman credentials to interfere in the midst of a police matter (a big no no) but then put them back in his hip pocket when he himself is cuffed so as to be treated like any other citizen.  Any other citizen might have complained a little about being ill-treated and then filed a formal complaint with the Office of Municipal Investigations.  Luke, however, was able to independently correct the officer in question.  Did he continue to monitor the situation to ensure the officer behaved appropriately?  Did he follow up with the officers superiors to discuss his concerns?  Did he ask OMI to investigate?  Nope, he caught a game, tossed back some cold ones and went about his yinzer frat boy way.

It doesn't make sense either as a gay movie or as mature political conduct.

Much more interesting was WTAE's take on the blogospheric eruption in Pittsburgh.  I especially liked when “Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents” rolled across the screen TWO times.  We didn't actually get a mention like 2 Political Junkies but lesbian beggars can't be choosers …

That, my friends, is the gay angle to the story.  Sure I could churn out a few more bits of analysis — Luke's lisping to Marty Griffin, McIntire's obvious homoerotic fixation on putting Peduto on the throne at any cost, David's homoerotic fixation on McIntire's homoerotic fixation, Tony Norman's soon to be written homoerotic interpretation of McIntire's fixation … it can only go downhill from here.



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  • Blog noire, perhaps? Do you want me to include you in the homoerotic litany next time? — you'll have to show more guy love!

  • In the event that I have offended UnSpace with my terse reply, I will volunteer that if I were stranded on a desert island, and Uma Thurman failed ever to wash ashore, but Liam Neeson did, I would not push him back out to sea.

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