Queer Shout Out to Sparkly Crippled Disco Babe on the Bus

Our great friend and all-around grooviest of the cool chics – Jennah –  has gotten herself quote in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on a matter of great import to every one of us … the proposed Port Authority transit cuts. 

Jennah is one of the amazingest people in the world — she takes no shit but does it with an infectious grin and disarming soft voice.  She was my very first lesbian date, having the misfortune to meet me while I was in the midst of great longing for my very first lesbian love.  In spite of my pathetic yearning, we became good friends and have shared many a cup of tea and spicy Asian dish over the years.  Plus, she always notices when I get a little mention in the paper.  Always notices.  And always encourages me to keep speaking up, shouting out and screaming when necessary. 

Jennah leaps to my  mind when people moan and groan about getting involved as a volunteer or activist.  She does both on a regular basis as well as juggling a full grad school course load and internships, plus all the usual family and personal commitments.  She describes herself as “sparkly crippled disco babe” an evocative lyric that beautifully captures her essence.

So this is my shout out back to Jennah.  I'm glad you made the time to attend the transit hearings and spoke with the press.  The transit cuts may be necessary to keep the system afloat, but the necessity does not invalidate the deep pain and suffering they will cause and disproportionately so for the most vulnerable in our society. 

You rock, Jennah!


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