Lesbians on the Prowl for John McIntire

Per today's post at his Macyapper blog, it appears John is back in town and rarin' to go.  Word on the street — okay, in yesterday's Post-Gazette which is practically the same thing minus the labor tension and stale donuts — is that John may soon pop up on a local FM talk station.  Namely, KDKA's FM sister station 93.7 WRKZ. 

Scott Paulsen will host a new talk show on WRKZ, starting in April. And John McIntire, whose nightly talk show on KDKA has been dropped, is in talks to move to the FM sister station.

Whoever is on the new FM talk lineup, McIntire says, “The handcuffs will be off. The restrictions one might feel on KDKA will be lifted. And that's a really exciting prospect.”

Considering those handcuffs permitted him to repeatedly use the term “carpet muncher” in his bits satirizing the Bush/Cheney stance on homosexuality, it will be mighty interesting to see how far he can go on FM talk.  Note:  we don't object to satirical usage of seemingly offensive language to describe lesbians, especially when said satire is directed at our beloved leader. 

The talking version of 93.7 is supposed to appeal to men it would seem between 25 and 50.  Hmmm ….

I'm sorry.  I can't stop thinking of it as B94 and remembering Quinn and Banana.  Given Jim Quinn's litany of conservative hate spewing from the other end of the dial, its ironic that McIntire might fill his old slot.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Regardless, the lesbians say “Hurrah!” for the return of McIntire and his merry band. 

ps:  Ledcat swears she heard that John is supposed to guest DJ tomorrow on WYEP at 9 AM ….


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  • I am confused. Is it the P-G or the Pgh Street that is supposed to lack labor tension and donuts? I had thought both had a surplus of both.
    I was kind of unaware of John McIntire until he got 86'd. It may be that by striking him down, he became more powerful than they could possibly imagine.

  • Yes, that sentence confuses me. Oops. 🙂
    Its not so much a striking down of MacYapper as gently setting him outside the door. Sort of like with Dino on The Flintstones during the end credits.

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