PG Reader Asks Bob Casey to Step Up

Edith Bell of Highland Park has got it right:

Mr. Casey is also correct that Pennsylvanians' concerns are health care, the war in Iraq and a living wage, not gay marriage or abortion rights.

Yet both our federal and state legislative bodies are compelled to whip Americans into a puritanical frenzy over anti-gay marriage amendments.  There's no sense in unwhipping (dewhipping?) them.

What we need are constructive solutions to the real problems — a health insurance plan, a withdrawal plan, etc.  Edith names our great fear:

It is imperative for Mr. Casey to take a stand on at least these important issues, so that we can vote for something positive and not just the “lesser of two evils,” which still is evil. I believe, many people will sit out the upcoming election if there are no constructive proposals by the candidate.

We will be stuck with Sen. Santorum for another six years.

I heard Mr. Casey speak with John McIntire last week I wanted him to do well and was pleased when he worked up some passion on particular issues.  If only he could do that across the board.  I was listening for his solutions.  He said he'll be issuing policies over the coming months. 

In the meantime, keep in mind that protecting marriage from marauding homosexuals is not a priority for Pennsylvanians.  No matter what Darryl Metcalfe spews out his hateful little mouth. 

Good job, Edith. 


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  • IT IS ABOUT TIME that people wake up to being dealt the bogus “cards” of WMD (Weapons of Mass Deception) from the current administration and its cronies INSTEAD OF issues of much greater importance to all of us — health care, the rape of our wallets by the oil barons, a war that still leaves Osama Bin Laden at large, the worst president in the history of the USA… need I go on? CNN did a survey yesterday and found that George W. Bush IS considered the worst president in our nation's history. SO WHAT? WHEN will some of these “conservative bible thumping Christian Republicans” get off their large posteriors and remove the whole administration? Are they waiting for Crawford's village idiot to “push the button” and start the third world war?

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