McIntire Tackles Gay Marriage Amendment: “Its Unconstitutionable”

While he deftly minces closer to his own heterosexual-style wedding to the lovely and talented Roberta, our good friend and lesbian-lover John McIntire gave gay marriage a big old shout out in his local blog,

In spite of his fondness for large-fonted bold-faced type (I always wondered what his type was), McIntire adroitly dissects the bigot-fawning behavior of Arlen Specter, Dubya and pretty much the entire Republican party (plus Democrat Ben Nelson).

Not to mention members of the general public who like to pussy-foot around their homophobic principles (type faced reduced for non-yelling like reading):

*To those who ask, “why, just because I'm against gay marriage, does thatmake me a bigot or a homophobe?” I extend my sympathies.
You're not necessarily either of those.*
You could just be an imbecile.

Its just like the famous phrase “I'm not a racist, but …”    People are okay with me being gay as long as I don't flaunt it or shove it down their throats.  Dude, if I wanted to shove anything done your throat, I WOULDN'T BE GAY. Or at least I wouldn't be lesbian-flavored gay.

With PrideFest being just around the corner, we will soon get another wonderful dose of “why can't they be normal” media coverage from our local intrepid reporters while they zoom to the drag queens and leather men.  Talk about hypocrisy!  Somebody put Mike Seate on a Pride parade float with Ivana Trailer and be done with it …

Speaking of intrepid reporters, back to McIntire.  His tirade includes the traitorous bitch-queen herself, Mary Cheney.

*And the ever hypocritical Mary Cheney should resign her membership in the party (and/or the human race) after Dubya makes his shameful shameless statements on Monday.

*But she hasn't got the balls. Well, I guess I can't be absolutely certain.

Now I have a bone to pick with Mr. Hetero-Metrosexual McIntire (ewww).  I sat 10 feet away from him Sunday night and called for the revocation of Mary Cheney's lesbian membership.  On the air.  With at least 5 listeners, including my cousin Bud in Greensburg.  Plus that stout overly friendly producer guy who kept trying to ply me with fresh coffee.  Don't trust a producer bearing fresh coffee.  You just end up having to pee and praying for a commercial break. 

Anyway, he pretties up my line and turns it into fodder for his blog-whoring readers

*It's unconscionstitutionable.


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    In light of the Mormon church lobbying Congress to ban gay marriage,
    I encourage everyone to contact their senators and rep. to let them
    know that you think Mormon Temple marriages ought to be banned
    constitutionally because those secret rituals are kind of creepy and
    not very much in keeping with traditional marriage.
    (This is a rhetorical argument to make a point, people. Don't get too
    worked up about it.)
    For more info about this lobbying effort to ban Mormon Temple
    marriage (and to find your reps' email address), go to

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