Why Pgh Catholic Schools should contact GLSEN

From last week's Tribune-Review, I found this little item about a young Catholic middle school child who was the victim on-line bullying.  According to his mother, classmates put up a faux My Space profile identifying the young man as gay.  This happened hand in hand with unspecific physical bullying. 

So what happened to this kid?  His grades plummet and his mother gets involved.  She contacts the school (Word of God in Swissvale) which does nothing b/c it wasn't a school issue.  She then contacts the Diocese of Pgh.  She contacts the police.  She contacts My Space and gets the profile taken down.  Then she contacts other parents to let them know what is happening.

As proof the school doesn't take it seriously, I need only point out that the Word of God secretary spoke with the press.  God bless secretaries. If the principal of the school cannot take the time to address this issue, God help the kids. Perhaps she's too busy covering up a scandal to pay attention?

Good for Mom.  But her next call should be to the GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network).  Because unlike the school and diocese, these folks take bullying seriously.  And since this directly involves harassment based on sexual orientation, who better than the homos to help Mom figure it all out? 

Because while she's done a great job trying to protect her son and other children in the school, her next step isn't going to be productive.

[Mom] said even though the incident did not occur at school, she would like to see those responsible disciplined.

“I know the school cannot handle every problem,” she said. “But in the Catholic environment, (the school) expects more socially and morally from students.”

What the Catholic environment should be doing is teaching (and modeling) anti-bullying behavior in and out of school.  Punishing the perps won't begin to address the underlying problems.  Parents in this school need to come together and insist that the school take a proactive stance on bullying so the kids get the tools they need to protect themselves.

Consorting with the homosexuals seems contrary to Catholic teachings, but who better to help parents respond to bullying than the current number one target in America?  We get it from every direction — government, church, workplace, random bystanders, etc. 

Mom – contact GLSEN.  Your son deserves more support and help than the Catholic Church is going to provide in this incident. 



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